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    Back 4 Blood: what to know before starting to play

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    After the initially soft reception from fans, Back 4 Blood continues to advance towards the release date; so here is a guide that exposes all the main information to know, to be ready to face everything

    Back 4 Blood, announced by Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studio in spring 2019, has remained on the radar of millions of zombie-themed FPS fans eager for even a single track or hint of a sequel to Left 4 Dead 2 But it didn't take long to come to know what Back 4 Blood was actually going to be: namely not a simple sequel or reboot of L4D, but a brand new IP, a title that seeks to take a leap forward.

    A classic departure

    Back 4 Blood follows the format of the typical cooperative FPS game, and it is quite simple to understand what we will have to do: we just need to know that our job is slaughter dozens of hordes of more or less threatening zombies. So far, nothing too different from what was conceived with the much appreciated Left 4 Dead, pioneer of this videogame genre. Even the premises of the story in the game are not far from the classic situation with humanity on the brink, due to a parasite that has wreaked havoc on the world.


    It is not known where or what this disease originated from, but it is now impossible to see in Back 4 Blood a man who is not affected by it, or who has not been killed by the Devil's Worm, what transforms people into beings from the " Zombie features ”, the so-called Infested. To counter this calamity, special teams of Veterans have been formed, the Exterminators. The call to arms will lead the player to abandon their hiding place to join the mission, and wipe out any horde of zombie crap that stands in front of them.

    Different Twins - Back 4 Blood: What to Know

    In common with Left 4 Dead, there is the co-op mode to four players, and the roles can also be occupied by bots controlled by artificial intelligence. With the inclusion of an eight-player PvP mode, we will be able to decide to be part of the team advocating human misfortune, becoming shape-shifting zombies and cornering the team of Exterminators. It also seems that there will be crossplay and it shared screen to play, but the latter will not appear at launch. You can also use the audio to determine the position of the zombies by hearing their cries.

    But the real news in Back 4 Blood is that there will be an AI taking over the role of Game Director, making the games more varied, offering a series of corrupt cards that provide each mission with different and random variables. You will be able to have a deck of 15 cards, with upgrades and modifications inside. However, the Haunted will also receive cards to use to their advantage.

    A new identity - Back 4 Blood: what to know

    Moving on to the information that we most want to know: Back 4 Blood is not a direct sequel to Left 4 Dead, but more of his own spiritual sequel, who wants to take up the baton and raise something that can be equally appreciated by new and longtime fans. Finding themselves in close contact with the community they have cultivated for more than 10 years, the development team has made a commitment to perform playtests almost daily, and this seems to have always happened, at least since the third month of production.

    The alpha, the beta, the release

    Back 4 Blood was released as a closed alpha in December 2020, and then released in open beta in August, after being postponed from the date originally scheduled for June. Also in June, it was unveiled at the Xbox Showcase, and announced for October 12, 2021 also on PS4, PS5, XBox One, Xbox Series X / S, Steam and Epic Store consoles.

    Furthermore, it has already been available for preorder for several months. If you want to know more information about Back 4 Blood, you will find other guides and our preview that will explain everything about it on our Holygamerz website; otherwise, check out the discounts on Instant Gaming for other zombie killing games.

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