Animal Crossing Guide: New Horizons - Guide to insects and where to catch them

Animal Crossing Guide: New Horizons - Guide to insects and where to catch them

One of the main attractions inside the Blatero museum is definitely the insectarium, through which we will be able to observe live insects moving within their different habitats. To be able to admire it in all its glory, however, we will need to personally find and deliver all the creatures, be they wonderful butterflies or dangerous tarantulas.

In this guide we will explain everything you need to know about catching insects, also specifying the place, date and time at which they will be available for capture.

If you have doubts about other parts of the game, we refer you to our guide with all the game mechanics.

Where to find and how to catch insects, one broken net at a time

In general, creatures will be available almost everywhere on the pitch: some fly quietly from tree to tree, others walk peacefully on the ground, others still sleep peacefully underground.

The title features a wide variety of luoghi where they can appear, although location is not the only factor affecting their spawn.

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In fact, we must also be careful about atmospheric conditions, time of day and month in which we will be, bearing in mind that the northern and southern hemisphere have two types of opposite spawns.

Since the in-game seasons are linked to those of real life, you can always manipulate the console clock to immediately get whatever you want and / or skip the tedium due to waiting for any construction in progress, but I do not recommend this choice in case please fully enjoy the gameplay loop of the title.

Once the insectarium is 100% completed, Blatero will give you the project to build the Gold net, a very high resistance screen that will require a truly massive use to be broken (although it is not indestructible, which in my humble opinion is not optimal given the effort that will have to be used to have it).

All catchable insects

Following this introduction there will be a table with all the insects, their position, the time at which they will be obtainable and the price at which they can be sold, as well as having the practical icons that also present in-game for faster recognition. .

Each section will be divided according to the month in which they will be obtainable, also specifying the new insects of the month (marked in Bold) and those who, on the other hand, will be removed in the following month (marked in italics).


Compared to December, in the Northern Hemisphere in January there will be no new insects and no insects will disappear, making the list substantially unchanged compared to the last month of the year.












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