Resident Evil Village - Guide to all Documents

Resident Evil Village - Guide to all Documents

Among the various consumables of Resident evil village there are also many Documents, and we want to help you find all those scattered in the work of Capcom in this guide. There are a total of 47 of them, and you will need to collect them all to get the corresponding trophy.

The following guide to all Resident Evil Village documents does not contain spoilers on the game's plot, but you may encounter some hints relating to the locations of the game and the enemies you will defeat, so we advise you to continue carefully.

Here is the guide to find all the documents in Resident Evil Village


1 document

Fridge Reminder - When you have the baby in your arms at the start of the game, on the fridge in the kitchen.

2 document

Old Newspaper - Go up the stairs and turn around, go to the end of the hall, enter the bedroom and read the newspaper.

3 document

Ethan's Journal - Examine the laptop near where you left the baby in the adjacent room.

4 document

Medical Checkup - After the previous step, open the cupboard.


5 document

Mission Summary - Early in the prologue, right after the crash, he is on the ground next to the dead soldier.

6 document

Scribbled Note, Village 1F, War Maiden - After escaping the Lycan assault and talking to the woman you will find her in the first house on the left on a corner table.

7 document 

Goat Sign, Village 1F, Cemetery - Read the note near the Goat altar.

8 document 

Dangerous Creatures, Village 1F, Luiza's house - In the first room of the house, where she tells you to wait. He is in a chair in the right corner.

Dimitrescu Castle

9 document 

Guest book - Dimitrescu Castle 1F, hall - In the hall, on a table to the left of the painting with 3 women.

10 document

The labyrinth, Dimitrescu Castle 1F, Duke's room - On a small table next to a miniature of the castle.

11 document

History of wine, Dimitrescu Castle 2F, wine room - From the hall go upstairs and enter the door of the wine room, read the sheet on the table.

12 document

Maid's Journal, Dimitrescu Castle B1, basement - After placing the red eye you will be chased and fall into the basement, the document is on a bookcase to the right.

13 document

Candidate for treatment, Dimitrescu Castle B1, relief chamber - In the underground part walk until you are blocked by a torture table, the document is on the right, you will find it before you have met the enemies.

14 document

Observation report, Dimitrescu Castle B1, relief room - From the previous document to the cell on the left, on exiting you will find another one continuing straight on.

15 document

Cook's Diaro, Dimitrescu Castle 1F, kitchen - After defeating the first daughter you will reach a kitchen, look on the shelf on the left.

16 document

Alcina Dimitrescu's Diaro, Dimitrescu Castle 2F, Lady Dimitrescu's rooms - After you see her talking on the phone, enter the room and lean left to find it.

17 document

Notice from the great maid, Dimitrescu Castle 2F, hall - Go up to the second floor, it is on the table with the clock in front of you, between your sets of black curtains.

18 document

Further observations, Dimitrescu Castle 2F, hall - After the last document enter the next room and take the book on the sideboard at the end of the corridor, you just have to examine it.

19 document

Insect Observation Journal, Dimitrescu Castle 1F, lobby - Downstairs, it is on a round table before the floor, you will need to examine the book.

20 document

Noises of a dagger, Castello Dimitrescu RF, attic - On a table, at the end of the room.

Second visit to the Village

21 document

Note from the craftsman, Village 1F - After exiting you will find it in the hut to your right on a table, next to a typewriter to save.

22 document

Message from Leonardo, Village 1F - Second floor of the house to the right of the War Maiden.

23 document

Note on the Luthier's House, Village 1F, Old West Town - Read the note hanging on the door of the house with the missing owners.

24 document

Eugen's Diary, Village 1F, Old Town West - From the last bathroom, go up the ladder and launch into the house with a red chimney, the document is in the table.

25 document

Church computer, Village 1F, church - There will be a laptop in the church with this file.

Return from Beneviento's house

26 document

Gardener's diary, Village 1F, garden - In the gardener's house, in the corner of the room with the typewriter,

27 document

Final Testament of Vasile, Village 1F - Go through the south gate which requires 4 keys, you will be attacked by a wolf, after the cutscene turn around and read the note on the corpse.

Moreau area

28 document

The tank and the giant fish, area of ​​the Moreau boat - Before returning to the boat check the hut on the right.

29 document

Changing the crank, way to the windmills - From the shutter controls to the windmill, in a car.

30 document

Moreau's Diary 1, Village 1F, sunken houses - Returning to the controls, follow Moreau mutated, you will find the document in the next structure in a drawer.

31 document

Moreau's Diary 2, Village 1F, Moreau area - In Moreau's room, you will enter it to get an object in order to create the key with 6 wings, in front of the TV.

32 document

Moreau Experiment Diary, Village 1F, Moreau area - Exit the mines by elevator, after passing the typewriter in the mill you exit where the pigs were running. You can use the crank on a door to a secret area. Look at the map for a golden treasure icon, you will also find a document there.

Fourth visit to the Village

33 document

Analysis results, Village 1F, lonely road - You will find the document in a laptop after following the river.

34 document

Ernest's Journal, Village 1F, Otto's Mill - Enter the mill and defeat the miniboss. Go through the red door, you will find the file on the table where there is some dangling meat.


35 document

Officer's Journal, Stronghold B1 - Near the Goat, after passing the wall, you will find it on the ground next to a typewriter.

36 document

Experiment notes, Stronghold B1 - After the boss you will drive a boat, instead of going up the ladder go down to the left in the catacombs, it is on a table.


37 document

Development Note 1 - In the same room where you found the Gear Mold

38 document

Development Note 1, Heisenberg Factory B2, halfway past the grinder - After stopping the grinder, enter the next room and check the desk.

39 document

Sturm, Heisenberg Factory B1 - Take the elevator to B1 and use the key on the door with the golden horse icon. After opening the door you will find a document in the room.

40 document

Heisenberg Diary, Heisenberg Factory B1 - After destroying Strum, in a control room before the cargo bay, on a table.

41 document

Chris's Computer, Heisenberg Factory B5 - After the cutscene with Chris, open the laptop before entering the vehicle.

42 document

Moreau's medical report, playing as Chris, after defeating the boss - You will find the 6 missing documents in the room.

43 document

Lady Dimitrescu's medical report, in the same room on the table.

44 document

Heisenberg's medical report, in the same room on the table.

45 document

Donna's medical report, in the same room on the table.

46 document

Letta di Spencer, look on the white table with a microscope.

47 document

Mirando's Diary, in the same room, walk around the big table and take the last document among the 3 photos.

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