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Following what is now the trend of this generation, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla it is literally crammed with collectibles, of different types and categories, each one needed to obtain the “From top to bottom” trophy / objective. These are indicated with a white dot on the map when you are near them (it is not enough to reach the synchronization points, unfortunately). Against, there are no missing collectibles in the game: just pay attention and possibly consult this guide during the experience. Anyway, here are the categories of artifacts present in-game:

  • Fragments of Rigsogur
  • Treasure maps
  • Flying cards (tattoos and haircuts)
  • Roman artifacts (to be exhibited and admired in the village museum)
  • Cursed symbols

Artifacts can only be found in 2 regions of the game:

  • Norway
  • England

Below you will find playlists of the video guides provided courtesy of Trophygamers.

For more information on the game, I refer you to our complete guide:

Complete guide to the game

Artifacts in Norway

Cold Norway is the initial area from which the events of Valhalla start, and will have a total of 5 artifacts.

Artifacts in England

As can be easily understood, in the main area of ​​the adventure the artifacts are too many very numerous, reaching the total number of 156.

As for the guide to the mysteries, I decided to give you a visual as well as a textual suggestion. Personally I suggest you go hand in hand with both guides in order to make your work easier and not leave anything behind.

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