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Fishing is among the core activities within Animal Crossing, both to earn a lot of stars and to expand the Blatero museum. Arm yourself with lures and fishing rods, because we will go to see together how to catch and find all the fish present within New Horizons.

If you want more information on other specific aspects of the game, we refer you to our complete guide.

The first steps - How to fish

To be able to fish you must first have a fishing rod (and who would have expected it), and then head to any watercourse, sea or pond that is. Once you have reached your destination, all you have to do is press the A key to cast the hook.

Pressing the button does not change the launch distance. If you see a fish near the shore, all you have to do is walk away and then re-launch. A work of surgical precision that, if done to perfection, will take away a lot of satisfaction!

After launching the hook, all you have to do is wait for a fish to arrive. Normally the animal tends to pinch the hook 2-3 times before taking the bait. Once the float is pulled down you will need to press A to wind the line and catch the infamous fish that lays golden eggs!

Size matters

In New Horizons, the fish to be caught vary in size and weight. There are six sizes and obviously their size is directly proportional to the stars sold with their sale. There is no shortage of very rare fish sold by weight in gold, which will delight the most demanding fishermen.

If you don't intend to sell fish at Mirco and Marco's shop, you can always donate them to the museum of Blatero, so as to be able to expand it and allow the arrival of new tourists and inhabitants on the island. But be careful, because Blatero only accepts one copy of each donated fish.

Depending on the terrestrial hemisphere you selected at the beginning of the game, some fish will appear in different months of the year. In the following table we will always refer to the Northern Hemisphere.

Fish in the depths of the sea

After the original release, with a subsequent update,

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