Gotham Knights - Guide to all graffiti

    Gotham Knights - Guide to all graffiti

    Gotham Knights has 12 graffiti hidden on the map. In case you will succeed in find them all you will get a Trophy (or an achievement) which will take you one step closer to Platinum. These collectibles are available within the open world created by the game and can be taken at any time that be within history or free roaming.

    It's possible scan everything by pressing and holding the down arrow of the D-Pad, so that they are easier to see. Yes, because the graffiti will be highlighted with an orange outline. Once you see them just hold down the same button with the scanner and wait 2 seconds, so as to see it counted.

    Gotham Knights - Guide to all graffiti

    Location of graffiti

    • Graffito 1: The Cauldron (Gotham Stolen)
    • Graffito 2: The Cauldron (Faces of Gotham)
    • Graffito 3: Financial District (A Green Gotham)
    • Graffito 4: Old Gotham (Easier Times)
    • Graffito 5: Tricorner Island (Gotham Docks)
    • Graffito 6: Bowery (High School Mural)
    • Graffito 7: Otisburg (The Origins of Evil)
    • Graffito 8: West End (Born this way)
    • Graffito 9: West End (Our friend Joel)
    • Graffito 10: Gotham Heights (GCU)
    • Graffito 11: Robinson Park (March of the Crabs)
    • Graffito 12: Bristol (Look at us)

    Here's what it takes to get all 12 graffiti in Gotham Knights, in order to get the trophy. Also, if you want to get close to the trophy you also need to know how to find hidden audios. Find our guide at this link.

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