Ghostwire Tokyo - Guide to all Torii Portals

Ghostwire Tokyo - Guide to all Torii Portals

The latest horror title developed by Tango Gameworks and supervised by master Shinji Mikami, Ghostwire tokyo, is enjoying some success in the media, thanks to a familiar structure, but at the same time full of news and a rather fresh gameplay. Many players will find themselves pushed to discover all the mysteries behind the particular story of the title, which also manages to give fresh and decisive emotions, but also behind this “haunted” version of Tokyo. But Ghostwire Tokyo is not only a beautiful adventure, it also hides many secrets, missions and trophies to collect in order to reach the coveted platinum trophy. In this guide we will discover the location of all Portals of the Torii scattered around the Ghostwire Tokyo map.

ATTENTION: despite these are simple locations, we remind you that the guide to the Torii portals of Ghostwire Tokyo may reserve some spoilers on the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo - Guide to all Torii Portals

Guide to all Ghostwire Tokyo Torii Portals?

I Portals of the Torii they are the main safety points with which to make quick trips in Ghostwire Tokyo, but also those who, if purified, will stop the white fog from escaping and flooding the city. Every single point must be before it can be exploited cleared of all Visitors which surrounded the area and then interacting with the sanctuary. Every single area of ​​the Torii Portals will have to be practically "conquered", only so you can then visit it completely and discover the secrets inside. In total within the title there are as many as 29 portals, and by purifying them all you can get the trophy Liberator.

Obviously some of these points of interest will purify them as main story actions, but some of these are simply optional. The purification of all 29 will guarantee you too access to all spirits and other collectibles present in those areas. At each purified Portal, you can interact with a nearby Stand, and at the same time you can track down all the statues of Jizo, KK's investigative notes, Get fit, Tanuki and spirits transferred for the region.

Here is the list of all 29 Torii Portals:
  1. Akisawa Shrine
  2. Namita Shrine
  3. Shiroyama Shrine
  4. Sand Shrine
  5. Kuo Shrine
  6. Morite Shrine
  7. Hirokawa Shrine
  8. Matsumi Shrine
  9. Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate
  10. Yamaki Shrine
  11. Hitani Shrine
  12. Toyoi Shrine
  13. Kirigaoka Shrine
  14. Namihara Shrine
  15. Hatsuike Shrine
  16. Chishima Shrine
  17. Noto Shrine
  18. Hirajuku Building Rooftop Torii Gate
  19. Shiratsuki Shrine
  20. Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate
  21. Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate
  22. Tatsui Shrine
  23. Kappagaike Torii Gate
  24. Onten Shrine
  25. Mikubo Shrine
  26. Sakano Shrine
  27. Shimokusa Shrine
  28. Kamio Shrine
  29. Akitsu Shrine

That's all for this guide, if you haven't done it yet, we recommend you read our in-depth Ghostwire Tokyo review by clicking on the following link.

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