Gears 5 review: when audacity and technique create a masterpiece

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Gears 5: review of an unexpected masterpiece

During the test of Gears 5 to draft this new one review, inside my head Gary Jules sang: "All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces ..." It was the year 2006, when one of the trailer most exciting ever produced by the gaming industry. A young Marcus Fenix ​​made his way through the rubble of Sera accompanied by the melancholy notes of Mad World, ending up taking refuge in a dark nest of locusts lit only by a constellation of yellowish eyes. It all started from there, from thataudiovisual oxymoron, so damn exciting that I completely forget all my years as a "sonaro". I have to admit it though: I was not thrilled of the return of Fenix ​​and the Delta team in 2016. Gears fo War 4 it tasted too much of already seen, a broth diluted with too much water. But I was wrong.

The Coalition, taken courage from a semi-successful Gears of War 4, has finally extracted his own Lancer, managing not only to expand the lore game, answering the many questions left open, but ultimately creating one of the best Gears ever. A direction much more cinematic and precise enhances one new characterization of the characters, here deeper than ever. What we are about to undertake together is a journey towards an Evening never so detailed, through one of the porting for the most successful PC ever.

The emotional power of color

The Imulsion Imulsion is Sera's primary fuel, whose control caused the devastating Pendulum Wars between GOG and URI. In the third episode we discovered that it was actually a parasite, but new shocking discoveries await us in this fifth chapter.

After a brief and welcome recap of the previous episode, what comes before my eyes is astounding. Colors, the world around us, as we drive JD through the rubble of Azura in the first Act, is full of brilliant and incredible colors. The bright yellow of the sun, the intense green of the grass, the transparent blue of the water. Already from the first game frames, we understand how much the Artistic direction and general mood have changed from previous chapters. The world is alive and breathing. The great Locust threat has apparently been defeated (in the fourth chapter only JD and company were aware of their return). Sera has finally managed to get up, after years of exhausting wars for the Imulsion and against the horde of Locusts.

We are no longer alone, a small team of COGs wandering through a dark and hostile world. We are gears of a new society, despite the abnormal war armor we still wear. Armor that even our comrades Del and Kait have decided to bring, considering them the lesser evil with respect to the new impending invasion. And all in all, they seem to have gotten used to their new dress code well, given the aggressiveness with which they face the first gunfights. If Sera's world seems to be reborn, you have no idea how much the gameplay. The Coalition succeeded in renew the entire gaming experience, keeping the much loved format of third person cover shooter. Almost impossible on paper.

Already from the first frames of the game, we understand how much the artistic direction and the general mood have changed compared to the previous chapters.

Farewell, my beloved Lancer

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Already from the first Act, aimed at introducing the player to the mechanics and the new game world, we notice the several improvements made to the gameplay. The crude movements that characterized Marcus Fenix ​​in the previous chapters, give way to a more agile JD, who slips between the covers increasingly integrated into the gaming environment. The body to body evolves, allowing you to grab and repel enemies through cover and the firefight is enriched with amazing new weapons. Finally, after years of service in the Delta team, I can say that I have found avalid alternative to my service equipment. Lancer GL, Overkill and Talon definitively take the place of the ever green Lancer MK3, Gnasher and Revolver Boltok, obviously not before having gutted an unsuspecting passing Drone with the classic chainsaw.

I trust weapons, but I don't trust the people who use them.

Marcus Fenix, Gears 5

Okay, you will tell me, all very nice, but so far from this review, Gears 5 seems like just another new chapter with a few improvements here and there. This is because you do not know what awaits you in the second Act. The new features introduced at this stage of the game they are unbelievable for a franchise like that of Gears of War, building the foundations for a future that could embrace different videogame genres.

Jack, my new favorite character

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After finally taking control of the true protagonist Kait Diaz, we find ourselves wandering around in the saddle of a Skiff (a sort of sled pulled by a paraglider) through what has all the appearance of being a open world. But yes, it will be a slightly wider level you will tell me, the usual tunnel that simulates a false freedom of action. None of this. The second and third acts take place within one game map very wide, fully explorable and full of secondary missions. Yes, you got it right, side missions. Instead of following the main story right away, it is possible to happily prevaricate inside different ones micro areas of the map, which allow you to complete secondary objectives that expand the lore of the game. But not only.

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Each side mission is capable of offering different types of clashes, passing from almost stealth missions (What ?!), to real boss fight. The general difficulty level of these side missions is higher than that of the main campaign and if you play Expert, only the high price of your keyboard will guarantee you immunity from its sudden destruction. But if you can manage not to be intimidated, the booty that you will find once concluded will be immense. Our dear Jack, the useless droid opener of the previous chapters, thanks to the skilled hands of Damon Baird, has become in this chapter the most important and useful teammate. Making up for the AI ​​of our companions which unfortunately continues to be not excellent, like their dubbing, Jack is enriched with very useful skills upgradeable and usable on command.

They range from simple weapon recovery, very useful when running dry in the middle of a shooting, allo stunning the opponents while they are barricaded behind the covers. All these various skills can be unlocked through the recovery of components along the game path, while some particular features can only be obtained by completing the secondary missions.

Gears 5 for PC: a terrifying graphics engine

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The Coalition's work really thrilled me. L'boldness demonstrated for this fifth chapter shows how much Microsoft really cares about its exclusives. But what really amazes, especially the fans oftechnical field, and the majestic PC port. Probably the best port ever made, Gears 5 looks like it was born for the master race. There scalability of graphics settings is unbelievable, allowing any recently produced hardware set up to enjoy thehigh quality Unreal Engine 4. You can choose the definition levels of many graphics components such as character textures,environment and to the effects (you can even download an ultra texture pack separately), the quality of animations particle frequency lens flare quality and even choose whether to perform some graphical calculations in a manner asynchronous, the latter setting that only a programmer can fully understand.

With Gears 5, the saga created by the visionary Cliff Bleszinski opens to one new videogame generation. And if that's what it still has to offer, then long live the swarm!

Verdict 9.5 / 10 Long live the Swarm! Comment With Gears 5, The Coalition has shown the world that the Gears of War saga is ready for a new gaming future. Deep storyline that answers many of the questions left unresolved, cinematic film direction, revolutionized gameplay much more technical and strategic, all packed into one of the best PC ports ever. Gears 5 is everything that was already supposed to be the fourth installment, but as they say: better late than never! Pros and cons Deep plot and direction
Revolutionized gameplay
The best port ever created x Lame ally AI
x Important gap between the difficulties
x What was already supposed to be 4

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