Fortnite: complete guide to the challenges of week 9 | Season 7

The end of this season 7 is now near and as the event scheduled for February 2 approaches, here comes Thursday and with it the new challenges of week 9 of Fortnite. Let's see together in this guide how to overcome them!

Although we are now heading towards the long-awaited weekend, this week, full of emotions, is not over yet. After patch 7.30 which took place on Tuesday morning and which saw the introduction of the new one Freezing Grenade and in view of the new event scheduled for February 2nd, here are the Fortnite week 9 challenges for this season 7. Let's see together how to complete them thanks to this guide.

Fortnite: guide to the free challenges of week 9 | Season 7

Use a treacherous snowman in different games (0/3)

The first of Fortnite's week 9 challenges plans to use treacherous snowmen in different games. This particular object will allow you to disguise in the eyes of our enemies disguising ourselves as snowmen. It will be enough to use only one per game, regardless if we will find more than one.

Phase 1: Land at Corso Commercio (0/1)

The first phase of the second challenge of the new week of season 7 plans to land at Corso Commercio, while in the following phases you will have to land at Frozen Ramps, Montagnole Maledette, Confused Conduits e I sink Stale. For greater simplicity in this guide we leave you the map with the various points in which to complete the mission.

Eliminate opponents at Crocevia del Ciarpame or Corso Commercio (0/3) (DIFFICULT)

To complete this challenge we will give you two tips based on where you decide to land. If you have chosen for Commerce Course, our advice is to land on the houses that are to the west, or on the shop to the east. This will allow you to have all the enemies on one side, without risking to find yourself with your back uncovered. If, on the other hand, you land at Crossroads of the Ciarpame our advice is to land high and immediately grab a weapon and then to find shelter to avoid any possible enemy.

Fortnite: guide to the challenges of the Battle Pass of the week 9 | Season 7

Pop 10 golden balloons (0/10)

The first of the challenges of the Battle Pass for this week 9 of Fortnite plans to do pop 10 golden balloons. Below we leave you the map with all the balloons that you can find on the island.

Phase 1: Dance on a sundial (0/1)

The first phase of the second challenge of the Battle Pass of the new week of season 7 is to dance on top of a sundial. In the second stage you will have to dance on one Cup of coffee and finally on one metal dog head. For greater simplicity in this guide we leave you the map with all the places which will allow you to complete it.

Eliminations with heavy rifles (0/3) (DIFFICULT)

The penultimate mission plans to eliminate enemies with heavy guns. Our advice for completing this challenge is to push your opponents, obviously without exaggerating and remembering to cover yourself with the structures if they target you.

Complete time trials on an X-4 Stormwing (0/2) (HARD)

As in the other Time Trials held in seasons prior to Season 7, you will have to go to the set point and start them. Obviously in this particular case you will have to use an X-4 Stormwing. In this guide we will report the evidence scattered on the island.

That's all for this guide on Fortnite week 9 challenges. In order not to miss further news regarding the game of epic Games and on the end of season 7, keep following the pages of Holygamerz!

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