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Find out in this guide how to grow your team right away. Here are some tips and tricks for the MyClub mode of eFootball PES 2020

Konami's football simulation is back again this year and it's more fierce that never. With renewed gameplay that focuses on the realism of the action, eFootball PES 2020 gives the home rival Electronic Arts a hard time. The game made a lot of talk in the months before the release for the usual diatribe of license (see the exclusivity of Juventus). But what interests us players most is the divertissement, in this case we talk about the modality myClub. Let's find out how to grow our team making it really competitive in a short time.

How do I build a great team?

MyClub is one of the most popular modes by eFootball PES 2020 players and it is definitely the one that it will keep you hooked on the game longer. The purpose of this mode is to create your own team, including coaches ed observers, starting from scratch. Obviously the main goal is to form an ever stronger team that will make you able to win many games and climb the rankings. To succeed in the enterprise you could be useful some advice, with this one guide we will explain the basic steps to have a club that is truly fearful for everyone!

Buy a great trainer and take advantage of the Watchers - eFootball PES 2020 tips and tricks for MyClub

If you want to have a competitive team the first thing to do is buy a strong trainer. The presence of a great manager in the team is fundamental. It will be crucial to have proficiency in tactics and in gestione del team. This last parameter is very important since determines the number of top players you can have on your team. We therefore advise you in the initial stages to accumulate GP to hire one of the best coaches available.

- Observers instead they serve to sign the players you want on your team. You can easily consult all available Observers in the game. They are available both as a reward and can be purchased through the Auction house. The mechanics of the observers is very important, as by combining three Observers you will be able to reach the 100% chance of getting the top player you are looking for

Keep an eye out for Featured Players - eFootball PES 2020 tips and tricks for MyClub

In PES 2020 i Featured Player they are enhanced versions of regular player cards. If during the real football week a certain player is distinct from the others for big games, it is possible that it will be included in the Featured Player. We can for all intents and purposes consider them i "Players of the week". These cards will have improved statistics based on the type of service made by their real counterpart. Our advice is to always keep an eye on these players and if possible buy them as they are very strong. Also this can be a good way to earn more GPs as if you field 3 Featured Players of the current week you are entitled to a multiplier bonus on GP earned as well as a training card.

Maximize the Team Spirit - eFootball PES 2020 tips and tricks for MyClub

Lo Team spirit it is a necessary parameter for having a competitive club. This value indicates affinity between your players. To have a high team spirit you need to have a coach with good team management value as mentioned above. Also it can be increased using the same players or using objects capable of increasing their value. Another way to improve it can be to invest in Area. A high Team Spirit will make your team play well therefore try to increase it as much as possible

But remember that as in real football the players they are not tireless. If you always field the same holders their level of fatigue will increase, performance will decrease and the risk of injury will be high. The advice is to spare some of the players best for easier games, to preserve them while waiting for an important game (perhaps the one with a special match award). To avoid any risk maybe keep them on the bench, so if you find yourself in difficulty you can let them enter during the work to make you overturn the result.

Matchday - eFootball PES 2020 tips and tricks for MyClub

The new mode introduced this year will allow you to earn a lot of GPs. In the mode Matchday you will have to choose one of two teams that will face each other, both in real football and in PES. For a few hours the members of the rival factions they will clash with their own Myclub teams. The aim is to earn Event Points which translate into great rewards for your club, including credits or some Special observers. Furthermore, the best player of each faction will give birth to one final. Keep in mind that just seeing the final will bring you to your coffers thousands of GP, it could be a good opportunity to earn credits easily. Always check if a Matchday is in progress, it could pay off a lot.

Check the live conditions of the players - eFootball PES 2020 tips and tricks for the MyClub

Le live conditions reflect the state of form of the players every week. A player in high form like A or B will guarantee you some better performance. So try to always keep an eye on the status of the players each week. As far as possible always have players in good form and avoid sending players in low form as they may not perform as you expect. Having a fit team is one of the crucial factors in the course of a game.

Discard the players you don't need - eFootball PES 2020 tips and tricks for MyClub

If you find a player you don't do anything about do not hesitate to discard it. In MyClub there is a mechanic that allows you to discard players you don't want to receive gods experience points to distribute to another player. The more the discarded player has things in common with the player who receives the experience points, the more the latter will get. Also if the player is a duplicate, you can discard it to get a huge number experience points. Even if you have three equal players you can discard all three to get a player of the same rank of your choice. For example by discarding 3 copies of Dzeko, which is a black ball, you can choose any player with the same black ball rank).

Best of luck!

Now that you know all the more mechanics import anti of the MyClub mode you will be able to quickly build a team up to it. So you just have to dedicate yourself body and soul to creating the perfect team for climb the rankings in eFootball PES 2020!

One last tip, for other videogame-themed guides and news of all kinds, stay connected on the pages of Holygamerz!

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