Bloodborne - Guide on how to defeat the Bloodthirsty Beast

Bloodborne - Guide on how to defeat the Bloodthirsty Beast

Bloodborne continues to be a real discovery day after day, for both new and old players. The license plate title FromSoftware it can be a great challenge and, in some cases, can even discourage the user. The bosses in the first place represent the biggest obstacle and, for this reason, we have thought of this guide dedicated to Bloodthirsty beast. We also remind you that if you need more information about this game or others, we have an entire section dedicated to guides that are always updated.

ATTENTION: the following guide may contain spoilers, since it is a boss of the game, and therefore we invite you to continue reading only if you are aware of this.

How to defeat the Bloodthirsty Beast 

Don't underestimate the Bloodthirsty Beast, as it represents the first real big challenge for Bloodborne players (albeit optional), but with our advice you won't have any problems. Before the fight try to get the Archibugio of the hunter and the antidotes. If the latter are only readily available, for the first the speech is different: if you have not chosen it as your starting firearm you can retrieve it from the messenger of the Vat inside the Hunter's Dream.

Be prepared psychologically because you will have to memorize his attacks and combos, as they are difficult to dodge and do enormous damage. Also note that as his life declines he begins to release poison from his body, so you will be poisoned with virtually every hit. The last phase is the worst, as the monster becomes even more aggressive and will not leave you breathless to heal you.

The aim to make it is to stun the boss and hit him immediately afterwards. The trick is to find a window of time to stun it: when the beast raises the claw it will be the right time to hit it, shoot with the harquebus to block it and render it helpless. By performing this move cyclically you will have more opportunities to knock him out and the fight will go smoother than expected, since you will only have to worry about dodging the blows. To backstab once stunned, you can also hit him from the front.

Poison is a problem, and if you run out of antidotes, go behind the altar to retrieve 3 from a poor corpse. In case all this doesn't work, throw a bottle of acrid blood in a corner, the beast will follow the scent and you can attack it freely for a few seconds.

Reward: Chalice of Pthumeru

This is all there is to know about the Bloodthirsty Beast in Bloodborne, we hope we have been useful to you.

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