Animal Crossing: New Horizons, grow hybrid and colorful flowers

Decorate your remote island with lots of colorful flowers, we explain how to grow hybrids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Often when you are undecided on how to decorate your island, the first instinct is to fill every empty corner with many beautiful colored flowers. Many of these are already present in the area and others can be easily found by buying them from the Bottega di Nook or visiting unknown islands with the Nook Miles Ticket. In fact, among all the decorative elements they always manage to give that splash of color to the landscape that can make the difference. In this guide we will understand how to exploit them properly thanks to the watering can and hybridization. So let's find out how create hybrid flowers of many different colors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

They are also used for objects

In addition to being able to decorate the ground, the flowers can be picked even without a shovel. In this way they can grow back and you will have obtained a comfortable ornament of potted flowers. Also in this way you can build delicious decorative objects such as garlands for the door or hats. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons for some objects you need specific colors and species of flowers, so it will be useful to learn how to grow various hybrids and in the most correct way, find out in this guide. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a guide on the bushes of Fiorillo I invite you to read our dedicated guide.

Get different flowers - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, grow hybrid and colorful flowers

Each island already has a few native flowers, can be found in flat areas but more commonly on high ground. If we want more, just go and buy them from Nook's Shop, stocking up on seeds to plant and grow. To expand the typology widespread on the island, however, we must exploit the other users' shop o explore the mysterious islands with the Nook Miles Ticket. If we find them on the ground, just pick them up and replant them in a hole with the shovel. In total there are eight species of flowers: Lilies, Roses, Cosmee, Chrysanthemums, Hyacinths, Anemones, Tulips and Pansies.

The basic colors of the flowers that are provided to us are often yellow, red and white, a range that can be expanded by creating special hybrids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, if you are lucky you can even find them in the special islands, but given the great rarity it is not really advisable, so let's discover the procedure of hybridization.

How to grow and hybridize them - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, growing hybrid and colorful flowers

To start hybridization we will need the watering can, obtainable from the first day by donating 5 insects / fish to Tom Nook or by buying it in the Shop. We will need it to allow the flowers to grow and multiply, a process that would otherwise be slower or only allowed by the rains. There are various types of color obtainable in this way from blue, pink, black and many others. In some cases it is enough to place the flowers next to each other and, receiving water, they will multiply, generating a new flower with a different color in the immediate vicinity.

However to optimize the process is always better place them like on a chessboard leaving free space between them (as shown in the image). In addition, if we want to obtain certain hybrids of colored flowers, it is necessary to know which ones to combine. In the next section of the guide we tell you the possible combinations.

Here are the various colors with the possible hybridizations - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, growing hybrid and colorful flowers

Below we put the effective methods to generate the various colors, you will not always be able to have the desired color. Nonetheless, the following are the most effective methods of obtaining them:

  • Pink = White + Red
  • Orange = Red + Yellow
  • Pink and rarely Black = Orange + Orange
  • Black o Pink = Red + Red
  • Pink o White = Red + White
  • Orange o Yellow = Red Orange or Yellow + Yellow
  • Black o Pink = Red + Red
  • Pink = Red + Bank
  • Orange = Yellow + Red
  • Very rarely Blue = Orange + Orange
  • Viola = White = White
  • Black = Red + Red
  • Orange = Yellow + Red
  • Pink = Red + Bank
  • Rarely Black or Purple = Orange + Orange

  • Red and Yellow = Red + Yellow
  • Viola o Red and Yellow = Red and Yellow + Red and Yellow
  • White or Blue = White + White
  • Pink = Red + White
  • Blue = White + White
  • Orange = Red + Yellow
  • Viola = Orange + Orange
  • Pink = Red + Orange
  • Viola = Blu + Blu
  • Blue = White + White
  • Viola = Rosa + Rosa
  • Pink = Red + White = Pink
  • Viola = White + White = Purple
  • finanacing = Viola + Viola = Green

Let's go back to the island

With the guide we have provided you now know how to grow hybrid and colorful flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In case you have any doubts or want clarifications about this relaxing game created by Nintendo, ask us your questions below in the comments or if you are looking for other guides, we have some really interesting ones: at the Day of nature, with shooting stars and magic wands, making money and Stelline with turnips and how to play in 2.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch from March 20, 2020. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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