Resident Evil Village - Complete guide to all bosses in the game

Resident Evil Village - Complete guide to all bosses in the game

In this guide dedicated to Resident evil village we want to help you defeat all the bosses of the main story. In the course of the game's adventure Capcom (here you can find our dedicated review) you will collide with different creatures. The most beautiful fights are certainly those with the bosses, since they have very special playful ideas that can entertain both old and new fans.

Some of these enemies, however, can be quite difficult, so we thought of creating a special guide to have to be able to talk to you about it and help you overcome the game sequence. If you need more help in the future, you can also find our complete guide to the game.

ATTENTION: in this guide you will find many spoilers. Obviously, they are meant to help you progress through the game, but if you are afraid of getting burned by any information, then proceed carefully. We will try to limit them, but regardless they may be present.

How to defeat bosses in Resident Evil Village? Here is the guide 

Bela, Daniela and Cassadra, the three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu 

These three figures are the first boss fight that you will face in the course of the game, even if we don't feel like calling them that since they are more mini-bosses to tell the truth. All three fights are not particularly complex, you will do great if you pay attention to a few details and if you use the shotgun to gently shoot him in the face.

Bela we can say that she throws herself down: you will find yourself in a room with her, break the windows to let in the cold and make her vulnerable. From that moment on, unload everything you have against him.

Daniela more or less follows the same procedure, but you will have to knock down the cracked wall with a bomb to let the cold. Once this is done it will be in your hands.

Cassandra is the last daughter you will meet, in the area of ​​the collision there is a lever: pull it to let the cold in and make it vulnerable.

Lady Dimitrescu 

It sounds strange, but you will say hello Lady Dimitrescu quickly during the game, as he is the first real boss you will face in history. Since it serves as an "introduction" to future fights it is not particularly complex, but pay attention anyway. If the first time you meet it will be more of an escape, the second will be a real battle on the roofs of the castle.

Lady Dimitrescu it will transform into a monster capable of flying: avoid shooting the monster and concentrate on its waist up on top of the creature, this is the only part where it is vulnerable. The boss can break the walls, so keep moving and try to land as many hits as possible. In the phases in which the enemy will take flight try to hit her with the sniper rifle, in those moments her half-body is particularly vulnerable.

donna benevento 

The "boss fight" of donna benevento it is one of the most original in the game, as it is a real puzzle to solve. The first phase will be to solve the various puzzles of the doll, to then escape from a monster that will try to eat you. The aim is to escape from the house by turning on the elevator current, but it won't be that easy.

In the last part of the fight you will have to destroy three dolls Angie: the first you will always find it on the left near the entrance, the other two generate randomly. For more details on how to solve the entire game sequence, including the initial puzzles, we refer you to our dedicated guide.

Salvatore Moreau

In the first phase of the fight you will not have any kind of problem, since you will not really collide with him and will just block you in a sort of strange slime. However, as well as Lady Dimitrescu, Salvatore Moreau will also change shape, becoming a large and significantly more dangerous monster than before.

At this time the enemy will be huge, but its weak parts will be more exposed: just hit all the parts highlighted in gray.

Salvatore Moreau's combat system is characterized by rapid and sudden shots, so also in this case maximum concentration and seek shelter perhaps around some corner, so as not to be particularly exposed and continue to shoot.

Arrived at the final part of the boss fight, the enemy will decide to make a simple acid rain while destroying some houses. Needless to say, if you get hit by this rain you will get killed, so go under some roof, stay there until he's done making this move. Then go outside and finish the job.


The fight against Uriah happens right after a long mission in the village, so your ammo is very likely to run out. In case you need them, there are ammo on the ledges next to the lamps.

During the fight Urias will often return to the central platform, the trick it is going around a pillar forcing the enemy to always attack an empty space. As long as you stay behind this pillar, Urias cannot hit you.

However the good Urias will summon werewolves to complicate the battle, take advantage of this opportunity to search for ammunition, reload weapons and place all the mines you have in your inventory. Maybe the technique can be cumbersome at first, but with a little practice you will defeat the boss easily.


Luckily for you, this enemy will not change its appearance in a grotesque way, but it still has some surprises in store for you. Before starting the actual fight the boss will unleash his monsters that, although they can be killed if hit in their weak point, their only goal is to scare the player and make him waste ammunition.

Before starting the fight with Heisenberg however you will have to defeat a monster that will pop out of the propeller of a plane. Hit its highlighted weak spot and move on.

Now you will really get to Heisenberg, who will use his telekinesis to become a sort of robot made of junk. In this phase use the most powerful weapons you have, forget about guns and machine guns.

In its second phase, however, you will have to focus on its joints, also highlighted in this case with the red color. Try to stay as far away as possible, so that you can escape from an attack at any time and in total safety. The fight will take place over a large area, but Heisenberg it only makes melee attacks. With a little attention you will easily knock it down.

Urias strajer

Unlike Ethan, when you control Chris you will arrive fully armed for the fight. This boss fight is much easier than the first time you met him, although the way you have to defeat the enemy is slightly different. You cannot damage him directly, but only by hitting the tentacles on his back.

Chris's team will offer support, so try to take advantage of the character's special attack. If you hit two or three, the boss will fall easily.

Mother Miranda 

Mother Miranda has a number of attacks that could easily catch you off guard if you are not properly prepared. In her "spider form", you can avoid being attacked by keeping your distance. The perfect weapon to use in this fight is the sniper rifle (without the magnifying scope) as it can do so much harm to Mother Miranda regardless of which form she is in. When Mother Miranda starts flying on the stage, it will summon three balls that will turn into fire. You can shoot these bullets before she has a chance to use them against you.

The second phase of the fight begins when Mother Miranda forces you to fight her in the dark. After a few hits, the scene will return to normal. Mother Miranda has an attack where she summons the pillars before starting shooting everywhere. Hide  behind anything to avoid taking damage.

Keep avoiding his attacks and shoot in bursts to activate the final event, in which Mother Miranda he will tie you to the ground while his final attack is in preparation. Shoot it to stop the attack, then keep shooting it to defeat it.

This is all on our guide dedicated to how to defeat all the bosses of Resident evil village, for more information on the game, please refer to our dedicated section, if you need other help we also have the complete guides page.

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