Elden Ring - Guide to all bosses in the Peninsula of Weeping

Elden Ring - Guide to all bosses in the Peninsula of Weeping

One of the first areas of Elden Ring that you will visit, if you have not been attracted like moths by the desire to continue north and pass the Castle of Grantempesta, it is certainly the Peninsula of tears located in south from Sepolcride. This is not an extremely large area, but you can still find several points of interest there, both in terms of churches or important buildings, and of course the bosses to defeat: in this guide we will show you where to find and how to defeat all the bosses of Elden Ring in the Peninsula of tears.

We remind you that if you are in difficulty with some of the aspects concerning Elden Ring, you can find everything you are looking for in our guide to trophies and platinum, including those to the bosses of the other areas of the game. If you have not read it, we also refer you to our review of the game.

Before continuing, thank you the portal powerpyx for making their demonstration videos available to the public, which we report below to get you an idea, but the tactics described in the text are drawn up based on our gaming experiences.

ATTENTION: we remind you that being a guide to the bosses, you may receive unwelcome spoilers about what awaits you in the area of ​​the Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula, so we invite you to proceed in reading only with that awareness.

Elden Ring - Guide to all bosses in the Peninsula of Weeping

Sepulchral Guardian of the Mother Tree (2) - Easy

It is located in Peninsula of Weeping, in the Catacombs of the Impaler. An old acquaintance of ours, who returns to the company! The tactics to defeat him would be the same as the first one you met in Sepulcride, were it not for the fact that this cat (this time with three heads) in the new location is accompanied by a handful of annoying stone gargoyles (the ones you often find in the various dungeons of this type).

The advice is to take down these four little creatures as soon as possible, and then focus on the Burial Guardian. As soon as you enter the room, the little ones will take a couple of seconds to get up, so try to use them to give a couple of free hits and get rid of at least one of them. Beware of ranged attacks, dodge often or use a shield to stay protected as you approach them, which are still very fast. The Guardian will instead be quite slow in the movements, take advantage of it the stages following its attacks to punish him properly. There magic, given its slowness, it is a very good ally. Use invocations like wolves to keep the little creatures busy while you hunt down others.

The reward for defeating him will be the Semi-human ashes e 2400 rune.

For the bossfight video, go to this link, at 3 hours and 04 minutes and 26 seconds.

Runic Bear - Easy / Medium

Peninsula of tears, in the Profundis cave. To find the location, you can also follow the wandering ghost that you will evoke by examining the white branch in the woods.

A beautiful angry bear, and a big one. Pay attention to his attacks, which can be fast and also with a range not to be underestimated, especially due to the small size of the arena. Treasure past experiences before you get to the bosses of this peninsula, and take advantage of the summons (here is the guide on how to unlock invocations in Elden Ring). If you are in the magical build try to keep your distance and take advantage of the usual scapegoats, while if you are in melee mode, use your dodges wisely. If you are quick to deal damage, in no time, it could also fall stunned and allow you to make a critical attack to the head. Balance the ampoules well before reaching him in the arena.

You will defeat him and get the Magic Dragon Talisman e 2600 rune.

Progeny Squamous – Very Easy

It is located in the Peninsula of Weeping, in the dungeon of the Morne Gallery, exactly at the narrowest point (at the bottom) of the "horseshoe" of the island shape.

A kind of lizard that stands on two legs, armed with a large ax. Her movements are very slow, and her strokes are very legible, only her jump attack could bother you, which takes a bit more life away. For the rest, dodge and attack, because it loses life very easily. If you have fire spells you will really hurt him as he suffers a lot of damage. Probably the easiest boxwood we've encountered in the game so far.

If you kill him, your reward will beStill rusty, together with 2000 rune.

For the video of the fight, we send you to this link, and go to 2 hours, 14 minutes e 30 seconds.

Ancient Hero of Zamor - Easy / Medium

Peninsula of tears, Eternal prison of lament (immediately to the right of the XNUMXth Marika Church). In order to face this boss, you need to be in possession of one Stone sword key to remove the demonic seal and make the jail accessible. Try not to be too low on the level (at least 30).

The difficulty to defeat this boss will vary based on your approach. If you are in possession of some fire spells, could be for you, given that the boss makes use of ice element moves. You won't have summons available. Attack him from a distance when he's unable to dodge, or go around him when he casts his ground-freezing ice spell to give him a free hit or two. The rest boils down to excellent timing in dodging and striking when you get the chance.

Take advantage of the moment passes from the first to the second phase to cast free spells at him, as he will not be able to dodge and will remain in his position for a few seconds. Watch out for his combos, sometimes a bit longer and infamous, and for his jerk forward that might take you by surprise.

As a reward you will get the very useful Radagon's scar seal e 5400 rune.

Miranda the withered bud - Easy

It is located in Wailing Peninsula, in the Cave of Guardiasepolcro (immediately south of the Eternal Galley of Lament). If you are properly equipped for the dungeon and have a build resistant to the poison (but even if you are poisoned and have something to counteract the loss of life), this boss could be one of the easiest ever, otherwise, you will necessarily have to be quick and equipped with items to cure yourself of poison.

This boss is virtually identical to the various giant poisonous flowers we encounter in the game world, and the tactics are more or less the same. The only difference is that the arena is very small, and that the flower is accompanied by other smaller ones. If you've been poisoned before, you might even throw yourself headlong and finish it quickly with melee attacks, but if you want to keep your distance and avoid damage, use spells and summons to do the dirty work for you. A general advice is to get the little ones out of the way first, being mobile, and then focus on Miranda. She doesn't have much life, you'll be done with it in seconds.

Your reward is the Green amber medallion, accompanied by 2100 runes.

For the video of the fight, go to this link at 2 hours, 57 minutes e 35 seconds.

Cemetery Shadow - Easy / Medium

It is located in Wailing Peninsula, in the Catacombs of Guardiasepolcro. On the map, they are found above the lesser Mother Tree, in a cove near the two spirit jellyfish.

This is a boss very elusive, moves often dodging, becoming intangible, and when he is close enough he will unleash quick attacks with swords, inflicting bleeding. Be very careful, as one of her combos is particularly long, and will burn your guard to ashes if you decide to parry. However, if you anticipate a single hit and parry it, the defensive counterattack it will be a good way to deal damage. The advice is to seize the right moment from a distance, but pay close attention to its head too: in fact, if it stops, it will create a sort of green cloth ball from its mouth and spit it at you, and if you are hit it will immobilize you for then approach and make a grapple attack.

It is not recommended to use slow spells, as it dodges them easily (although hitting it with a fire spell will damage it considerably). Summons can come to your aid, but they are not essential, since the life of the boss is not a lot, far from it. So concentrate on attacking hand-to-hand, if you can, more possibly with fast or medium range weapons.

Rewards obtained consist of Special Summon Ash Luthel Senzatesta e 2200 rune.

For the video of the fight, go to this link at 2 hours, 40 minutes e 27 seconds.

Mother Tree Avatar - Medium

It is located in Peninsula of Weeping, Lesser Mother Tree. If you have already obtained the map of the area, you will see that on the left side of it there is a drawing of a large tree. Go under there and you will find the boss.

It is an enemy that does not have an exaggerated amount of life points, and if you play it well you can finish the fight quickly, however you will have to pay close attention to his attacks, which have quite an annoying range. You will have an easy life if you play from a distance thanks to sorcery, or if you manage to exploit the fire, while you will have to work a little more if you go to attack it hand-to-hand. In this second case, try to dodge his attacks in order to go around him and hit him immediately after he misses you. His attacks are repetitive and not too fast, but when he summons the splinters of light you have to be ready to dodge them all. For this reason, and for greater mobility, it is advisable face this boss while on horseback. Stay focused, and you will take it home. Make use of the summons to your liking.

The rewards you will get by taking it down are there Opalescent bubble tear, Crimson crystal teardrop e 2400 rune.

Night Knight (2) - Easy

It is located in Peninsula of tears, immediately in front of the Grace Bulwark of the castle of Morne (ATTENTION, appears only at NIGHT, speed up time from a grace point before going there). It is a knight not too difficult to defeat in this case, but annoying like all bosses on horseback. You will meet Night Knights multiple times during your adventure, and each time in one different place, with a different weapon.

You can fight this boss while on horseback, always trying to keep left if you want to attack him with the edged weapon, but watch out for some of his shots that still manage to reach you, so always be ready to dodge with Torrent and to get away at the right time. If you attack with magic, the distance rule always applies. You can also face it while on foot, especially if you are using a shield capable of block 100% physical damage, but be careful not to run out of stamina: alternate with dodging and try to catch your breath. If you kill the horse first, you can make a critical attack, executing it.

The reward will be there War Ash: Barricade Shield, Scourge of the Night Knights, 3400 rune.

Bird of Death (2) - Easy / Medium

It is located in the Wailing Peninsula, and you can reach it from the Grace of the Bulwark of the Castle of Morne, proceeding south following the main road, and climbing on the plateaus to the right (in the area of ​​the golden tree with the Golden Seed). (ATTENTION, appears only at NIGHT, speed up time from grace point before you go there). This is the second night boss we meet in the Elden Ring guide dedicated to the Wailing Peninsula.

The way to fight him is almost the same as in the first encounter, but adapted to a slightly more unfriendly and arduous battlefield (probably the boss's stats are also slightly increased compared to Sepulcride. His appearance is that of a large bird with a stick. , with fairly slow movements, he only makes melee attacks, so a good tactic can be exploit the horse, in combo with remote spells. Beware of jumping attacks that can reduce the distance and hit you by surprise. If you are not riding Torrente, arm yourself with a good shield with maximum physical resistance, block the attacks and hit it hard.

Your rewards will be theSacrificial Ax e 2900 rune.

Video of the fight available at this link, a zero ore, 8 minutes e 40 seconds.

(BOSS TROPHY) Leonine progeny - Medium

It is located in Peninsula of the Crying - beyond the Castle of Morne, in thelast small peninsula to the south the area.

This is not an irresistible boss: he only hits hand-to-hand, with the sword and with feral attacks. However, given the damage you have to inflict, it would be advisable to face it only after you have passed the fortieth level. If you have a shield that protects the 100% of physical attacks, you just need to learn its 4 or 5 attacks, and counterattack with your blades. In short, nothing that you have not already faced to get here. Pay a little more attention to the enemy's jump attacks, which if dodged in time, will open a good window for free shots.

If you play with a build dedicated to magic, the tactic of attacking from distance is good, but only if you use invocations to keep the beast busy, which otherwise will charge you head down without too many compliments.

The reward consists of Engaged Blade Greatsword e 3800 rune.

These were all the bosses present on the Wailing Peninsula in Elden Ring, and we hope you found our guide useful. For any other news about the game, we refer you to our page dedicated to the game, and to the guide to trophies and platinum where you will find all the other help you may need.

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