Pokémon Sword and Shield: how to get Feebas and Milotic

Since the time of Ruby and Sapphire, Milotic it is one of the most coveted Pokémon by players and at the same time one of the most difficult to add to one's collection. It evolves in fact from Feebas, a very rare creature, and only by respecting specific conditions.

But don't worry, in this Pokémon Sword and Shield guide we will explain where and how to catch Feebas and Milotic.

Where to catch Feebas

You will be able to capture a Feebas in the wild on the Path 2, but only as long as you have the upgrade that allows the Bicycle to travel on water. You will receive it from the same person who gave you the bike once you reach Route 9, an area that you will explore after obtaining the sixth medal.

Once you are able to travel on the water, arrive at the end of Route 2 and head to the left of the battlefield which is near the Professor's house, from here you can cycle to the lake which is on the left. Head to the islet in the center of the lake. You can only come across a Feebas using the hook in one of the fishing spots around the islet (like the one in the image below).

Unfortunately, the probability of catching a Feebas is only1% and therefore to capture one may require numerous attempts and unwanted clashes with Magikarp and Chewtle. Alternatively, the Pokémon also appears in the Dynamax raids of Piana dei Ponti, Lake Dragofuria, Lake Axewell east and west. But the chances of stumbling upon the raid that's right for you are pretty low.

Finally, you can get a Feebas obviously by pairing a Milotic with Ditto or a compatible Pokémon. However this means that you will first have to get a Milotic in the wild, which, as we will explain shortly, is not that easy.

How to get the Beautiful Scale and evolve Feebas into Milotic

To evolve Feebas in Milotic you need to swap the Pokémon while holding one Squama Bella. You can always find the object on the Path 2, to be precise in the northernmost area of ​​the lake, in the form of a shiny object. Alternatively you can find the Squama Bella also in Lago Milotic court, in the Wild Lands. In this area the object will reappear as the days pass, which is useful if you want to evolve more than one Feebas.

Once you have the Beautiful Scale, entrust it to your Feebas and exchange the Pokémon with a friend. At the end of the trade, the Pokémon will evolve into Milotic.

Where to catch a wild Milotic

Don't have a friend who owns a copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield? Don't worry, it is possible to catch Milotic in the wild.

You may encounter Milotic, in the form of a "very strong" Pokémon, in Lago Milotic court but only in the presence of fog, condition that you will unlock only after completing the game and becoming champions of Galar. Fortunately, thanks to our guide on how to change the weather in Pokémon Sword and Shield you can make fog appear in the Wild Lands at any time.

Alternatively, if you are very lucky Milotic could appear in the Dynamax raids of Piana dei Ponti, Lake Dragofuria, Lake Axewell east and west.

At this point you are wondering: better to capture a Feebas and make it evolve into Milotic or directly capture the latter in the Wilderness?

Undoubtedly the second method is the one that takes less time, especially by influencing the weather of the Wild Lands. Furthermore, once you have captured a Milotic you can easily add Feebas to your collection by mating, thus saving you the trouble of having to catch one in the lake of Path 2. On the other hand, however, to catch the Pokémon in this way you will necessarily have to get to the endgame first. . In short, if you want the Pokémon in your team to face the latest gyms and the tough challenges of the League you will have to arm yourself with a fishing rod and a lot of patience.

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