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Page 2: Nioh 2 | Guide to all Thermal Springs
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Like on Nioh, in Nioh 2 there is a trophy linked to the use of all the thermal springs of the game. In this case cand there are 27 to discover, some of which are hidden behind Nurikabe ready to protect the most relaxing baths. Still others will be very evident or at least reachable simply by exploring, so at the end of the game you will probably miss a few to get the coveted achievement.

In this guide we will list all the hot springs and their location, including the mission associated with them. By following the directions, you will easily get to take a nice tour of the hottest waters of Japan by Team Ninja. If you don't know which ones you are missing, it will be enough select missions with X and press R1 to switch to a summary screen of the objectives present in them, including the hot springs. We also point out that a single bathroom will be enough to register them, regardless of completing the mission or dying shortly after doing so. Finally, it is good to specify that the Kodama in the springs do not count in their respective count.

Hot Springs

  • Source 1 - Mission "The beast born of smoke and flames" = In the building where everything is on fire near the entrance to the boss area, there will be a Nurikabe at the northeast corner of the area entrance. To access it you will need to throw down the first barrel of water, in order to remove the flames that block access to that specific part. Overcome the Yokai and you will find yourself bathing, especially useful for the clash with the nearby boss.
  • Source 2 - Mission "The Sanctuary of the Viper" = As soon as you arrive at the second sanctuary, as you go down the stone corridor to get to the area with the ground full of poison, you will notice that on a side cave there will be a fairly visible spring waiting for you.
  • Source 3 - Mission "The Dark Monsters of Okehazama" = At the second shrine, walk down the slope and go all the way. There will be a cave at the entrance of which, on the right just before the entrance, there is a Nurikabe ready to wait for you with a spring behind him.
  • Source 4 - Mission "The castle in one night" = Impossible to miss, it will be found as soon as you leave the village to enter the wooded area that leads to the boss. It will be signaled by the AI ​​companion that you will take with you, as well as being very visible and mandatory on the path.

  • Source 5 - Mission "The castle in one night" = Continuing from source 4 with the path to the goal, you can open a shortcut to the first sanctuary of the mission. Nearby there will be a dilapidated house and, behind it, a thermal spring in which to bathe.
  • Source 6 - Mission "The hollow fortress" = Following the main path, you will come to a certain point where two stone bridges lead you to an area made of snow. Taking the path immediately to the left (i.e. not the bridge where the giant Cyclops is) you will reach an Aberrant Soldier who is from behind (the Yokai with the big arm). To his right there will be a Nurikabe that hides a thermal spring, also quite visible.
  • Source 7 - Mission "The hollow fortress" = Once in the main fortress where the boss is waiting for you, on the second floor just before the stairs to the third there will be another Soldanto Aberrante who will block your way. In the same room is a Nurikabe hiding a large indoor hot spring, luxurious enough and useful for the boss to deal with shortly thereafter.
  • Source 8 - Mission "One Way Out" = At some point in the mission, shortly after the second area with the Watching Owl acting as a beacon, you will come to a path divided into three: a cave that leads to the Soraya village (and the boss), a bridge with a Tengu near a temple with human enemies and a path with a Cyclops waiting for you near a dilapidated house. Go to the cyclops and explore the surrounding area to find the source.
  • Source 9 - "Salme di Ghiaccio" mission = Just before the Boss, to the left of the entrance to the arena you have to drop into, there will be three samurai enemies defending a Nurikabe. Pass the Nurikabe and you will arrive at the source. In case you missed it, there will be a secondary mission where you will have to face the same Boss and it starts right from the area where the source is present, allowing you to recover it there too.
  • Source 10 - Mission "Bird in a cage" = After pulling the lever for the blue bridge, jump off that bridge to reach the platform below and find another hole that will take you to the source along with a Kodama to collect.
  • Source 11 - Mission "Overflowing Waters" = Arriving at the third shrine and having purified the Dark Kingdom present nearby, you will find yourself entering a building to advance. In front of the entrance there will be a Nurikabe waiting to be satisfied to take you to the hot spring of the level.
  • Source 12-13-14-15-16-17-18 - Secondary Mission "The Song of the Yokai" = Do you remember the level of Nioh in the thermal baths? Here, it's the exact same level. Which means that to get all the sources you just need to explore the area and advance with the mission to get rid of most of the objective. But remember to take a bath in each of them, otherwise you will risk missing some.
  • Source 19 - Mission "Fire and Flames" = From the third sanctuary, just before the boss, take the path on the left to its end, where the spring will be waiting for you
  • Source 20 - Mission "Sunset on Monte Tenno" = Arriving at the third shrine, there will be an area where there are two blue and red crystals, joined by two Yokai in the dark realm and a revenant summoner on the surrounding perimeter. If you manage to clear the area (which is just before the boss), by jumping into the hole left by the crystals there will be a Source waiting for you. Be extremely careful of the enemies.
  • Source 21 - Mission "Dawn of Ruin" = After the second sanctuary you will have to face two dark areas to be purified with two bells inside them. Once in the second realm, take the path that takes you to the lower levels of the building you are in (with two more bells to ring for the objective dedicated to them). You will find the source in the corner of the room.

  • Source 22 - Mission "The two faces of hospitality" = At the beginning of the mission, near the very first enemies, there will be a building to the right of the area where there is a hot spring along with a Kodama.
  • Source 23 - Secondary Mission "A message from the dead" = After clearing the mission's only Dark Kingdom in a cave, on the left in the cave you will find a path that will lead you straight up to a hot spring.
  • Source 24 - Mission "The Euphoric Demon" = After the third shrine you will come to an area with a large gate guarded by a Yokai. Open it and follow the path to a roof where you can descend and reach one of the mission crystals, along with a hot spring.
  • Source 25 - Mission "The mausoleum of evil" = Arrived at the second sanctuary, to continue the game you will have to activate a lever which is located at the last level of the tower immediately next to the aforementioned sanctuary. Once you have turned the bridges with this mechanism, return to the second sanctuary (on foot or with some object) and jump on the bridge one level below the starting one. In this way you will reach an otherwise inaccessible thermal spring.
  • Source 26 - Mission "The Golden Castle" = Upon arriving at the second shrine, you will be in an area with a Dark Kingdom at its center (along with an associated crystal). In the area look for wooden stairs that lead upwards. Halfway up these stairs head to the right and you will find a room with a Nurikabe, which hides a hot spring.
  • Source 27 - Mission "Ciliegio flowers in Daigo-ji" = Continue the mission until you manage to create the passage to the boss room (and the last of the Seven Lances, to keep in mind for the trophy). You will necessarily return to the third sanctuary. Instead of continuing to the mission objective, return to the building behind you and you will see that you can now access a hot spring right nearby. Useful, especially for the incoming boss. If you have followed the guide it should unlock the trophy for you shortly.

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