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Darksiders Genesis has finally arrived on the shelves. Without a doubt this umpteenth prequel of the saga is a turning point from the point of view of the gameplay (and not only from that "point of view"). So some may be confused by the new game mechanics implemented. This is why we have decided to offer you one short guide to Darksiders Genesis with 5 tips that will help you settle into the hellish universe of War and Conflict.

The two Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War and Conflict

In this new chapter of the saga of Darksiders we can impersonate not one, but two Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or brothers War e Conflict. We know the former quite well, as he was our companion in the original Darksiders. Its features (as well as its name) make it perfect for close quarters and heavy impact damage. Basically, Guerra is the tank of the group, so it has a great deal of life and is very hardy. Its toughness inevitably makes it very slow and therefore not very suitable for dodging or fighting over long distances. Fortunately that brother Conflict he attended a different "school", which led him to become the "quick" one between the two. Equipped with dual pistols, it is essential for fighting from a distance and its speed of action makes it ideal not only for very eventful battles, but also for moving around the game world (when horses cannot be used). However, stamina and health suffer, and therefore he is much more vulnerable than his brother. Our advice is to use War as much as possible during fights, given its strength and its toughness, and then switch to Conflict only if you need to hit particularly annoying characters who are far away or if you need to use elementary effects through the different types of projectiles available. Outside of combat, however, it is always better to play with Conflict, given its reactivity and speed of movement.

The cores: what they are and how to use them

In Darksiders Genesis there are cores that allow you to enhance our two characters. These can be obtained by killing the enemies and, above all, the bosses present in the game. There are three types of nuclei: health, attack, and anger. These must be positioned in a sort of skill tree, with the particularity that we will choose the location of each one. Care must be taken, however, as some cores do not reach their maximum potential in a given slot. And therefore, if placed in that grid, the effects will be significantly less. Another aspect to take into consideration is the fact that by collecting more cores of the same type, they will go up to three levels, inevitably also improving the bonuses awarded.

The horses

Even in Darksiders Genesis the knights can count on their trusty steeds (after all, they would not be "knights" without them). Mounts allow you to move around the game maps much faster, although they cannot be recalled in every area (an icon will tell you which ones). However, it is possible to fight in the saddle, although it is not always the best choice, as enemies can easily throw you from it. Last thing to keep in mind is the inability to pick up items that need interaction while on horseback. It will be necessary to dismantle and recover the desired goods "by hand".

Explore maps and return to places you've already visited

The worlds you will find yourself exploring in Darksiders Genesis they are varied. Each of them has particular secrets and collectibles to find, as well as a unique terrain morphology. In order to see each element on the map you will first need to find a copy of it. There is one for each world and it is placed in different places depending on the kingdom you are exploring. If you want to progress through the game without spending too much time exploring the map, don't worry. You can return to any location when you want to find out what you have left out, upgrade your heroes and repeat boss fights that have particularly exalted you. Also, if the challenge starts to get tough, retrace your steps and leveling up the heroes is certainly a better strategy than continuing to fail repeatedly against a boss infinitely stronger than the two protagonists.

Playing in company is always the best choice

If you have someone to play with Darksiders Genesis, do it. The experience is much more exciting and, moreover, two players who control the battlefield at the same time both from distance and in close combat make the clashes, as well as more dynamic, also easier (despite the level of difficulty and the number of enemies are increased). Whether it's online or locally, your multiplayer game will take on a whole different perspective.

These are our tips that will allow you to fully enjoy the exhilarating experience it offers Darksiders Genesis. Obviously, they are just a starting point. As you progress through the game you will discover your techniques, your "tricks" and your strategies. If you want (without spoilers), feel free to share them in the comments with other readers.

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