Cyberpunk 2077 - Complete guide to all bosses in the game

Cyberpunk 2077 - Complete guide to all bosses in the game

For the very few who still don't know, cyberpunk 2077 is an open world action-adventure role-playing game released on the 10th of this month thanks to the developer CD Project Red. Set in Night City, a megacity tormented by power, fashion and cybernetic modifications, you will impersonate V which goes in search of a specific implant capable of conferring immortality. As in any self-respecting videogame, here too you will have different boss fights to play, and we present them to you in chronological order. Depending on your choices in Cyberpunk 2077, though, you may not trigger some fights at all, in fact, most of these are not compulsory, but optional. Know that however it goes you will not lose anything fundamental for the unfolding of the story. In this guide, of course, we will provide you with the best tactics to defeat them all in the course of your adventure in Cyberpunk 2077 anyway.

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Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Cyberpunk 2077, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by CD Projekt Red. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

Before listing them there is a brief introduction. The thing you will notice is that all of these bosses work roughly the same way, and that is that most prefer hand-to-hand combat. They will first attack you with melee strikes, and when their health drops, some of them will start using ranged weapons. In these cases the best tactic is to crouch and dodge preferably to the side or backwards, then with a ranged weapon hit and repeat. If the battle is too tough, you can always reduce the difficulty in the game settings at any time. And now let's analyze them one by one.

ROYCE - Main mission The retreat

As mentioned just before you will have to choose options and, in this case, if during this mission you have chosen to speak with Meredith stout and you accepted money from her, you can give it to the Maelstrom gang. At this point Royce will escape and you will face him in a battle with a boss later in the mission, towards the exit of the food processing plant. The alternatives to avoid the fight are the choice to pay the Maelstrom gang for the Flathead bot, or go to the Maelstroms without Meredith Stout's money, then ask Royce "Do you really expect me to pay twice?", Then "Ready to offer us a discount? ”, then“ Draw Weapon ”to kill him immediately without a fight. If, on the other hand, you decide to collide with him at the end of the food processing plant, he will be protected by a shield and will launch rockets at you. In this case you have to attack him to make the shield break. And then dodge the rockets or hide behind some cover. He also has a weak spot, marked in orange, which is on his lower back, and if you can get close hit him there, then immediately take cover and repeat the action.

OSWALD FORREST AKA WOODMAN – Missione principale Automatic Love

This is the boss you should question on this mission. If you choose to pay it you will not fight. But if instead you do it to get the information you need and choose the dialogue "I could have you finish with my bare hands", then the fight will begin. Woodman will initially try to hit you with melee attacks, and when his health drops he will take out the gun. If you want to get him out of the way quickly, you have to grab the Katana in the restricted area that leads to his office. Otherwise you can complicate the situation by facing it with your bare hands, and receiving massive damage from the bullets that will shoot you. Regardless of the type of combat you choose, you will still get the information you need from his computer.

MATILDA K. ROSE SASQUATCH - Main mission I walk the line

You'll meet her in the mall during the “Find the Agent in the Cinema” objective. Matilda only makes melee attacks, but it's slow, so it's easy to dodge. The easiest way to beat it is to use firearms, keep your distance and dodge attacks. She has a piece of technology on her back, which allows her to recharge her health. If you dodge it from the side you will be able to hit the component in question more easily because by eliminating it it will explode in a few hits, inflicting a lot of damage and preventing it from recharging health. Whenever you land a heavy attack, it will stay still for a moment giving you enough time to hit it. The rest of the fight is pretty simple, just dodge and shoot her in the head.

AKIRA - Main Mission Never disappear

During a Johnny Silverhand flashback you will encounter this boss in a room with enemies. It won't be very difficult to beat him since you will have some squadmates with you who will attack him. Kill the enemies first, then focus on him. Akira will use a shotgun and if you get close, he will go into melee.

PLACIDE - main mission Transmission

After Johnny Silverhand's flashback, when you wake up in the Voodo Boys' hideout, and they turn hostile to you, Placide will be waiting for you at the exit and will use the shotgun against you.

SANDAYU ODA - Main Mission Play it safe

The fight will begin after pulling the cable out of the netrunner. This boss will start the attack with dual melee weapons. Always dodge away or to the side and then shoot continuously. To hit him well in the head better to use a revolver or fully automatic weapons, but they may run out of ammo too quickly. Rifles deal decent damage but some of them are very slow to reload. If you equip a weapon with a different type of ammo in each slot, you are unlikely to run out of ammo. Try to dodge as much as possible and don't get caught in a corner otherwise when it blows you will be an easy target. After his first wave of attacks he will start to alternate melee and homing missiles, and when he uses homing bullets, then will always run for cover e it will also start jumping up to the higher areas, from where he will shoot exclusively these bullets. During the shots he will have a few pauses giving you an opening to deal a few shots, then take cover and repeat the action. When her health drops, she will use a stealth cloak and vanish from the minimap, but you will see her health recharge. At this point, search all the buildings around the area to find it, because she will always hide in one of them and you can see the blue outline of her cloak. The less time you will take to find it, the less time it will have to recharge, then if you shoot him he will stop doing it. This is a boss who will take a lot of effort but if you have enough ammunition and sanitary material you will not have to worry.

ADAM SMASHER – Missione principale Totalimmortal / Belly of the Beast

Depending on the final path in which you will find yourself, you will have a different ending and you will fight against Adam in different rooms. Whatever it is, the boss will still use the same combat tactics and attacks. For this conflict it would be preferable to equip a revolver, an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, to have different types of ammunition and not run out of bullets. Adam Smasher will initially use melee attacks. Shoot him in the right arm because when he loses it you will have dealt him a lot of damage and he will stop using melee attacks. So he will mainly resort to using the rocket launcher on his back and at this point you will have to move constantly to avoid being hit. They are fairly easy to avoid and between charges you can shoot them from afar with the sniper rifle or assault rifle. As his health decreases he will also start spawning some minor enemies. Ninja-type enemies will dodge bullets so throw a couple of frag grenades at them. C.focus more on Adam Smasher than on other opponents, as he has quite a bit of health, but is quite limited in his moves, so it will be easy to keep your distance. Only target lesser enemies when they get too close, and instead try to hit the rocket launcher on its back. Once the rocket launcher is eliminated, if you run out of ammo you might even be able to beat it with melee weapons, this is the last boss of Cyberpunk 2077.

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