The Outer Worlds, the 20 tips: perfect guide to survive on Alcione!

The Outer Worlds, the 20 tips: perfect guide to survive on Alcione!

Welcome! If you are reading this guide you are probably one of the lucky settlers selected for the creation of the new world! What? Are you new around here? Then you can't help but take advantage of all the information that follows, which will show you the best way to venture into the adventure proposed by The Outer Worlds, new first person action RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment! If you are already familiar with the genre, you will not find many difficulties in adapting to the title, but the pitfalls that Alcione hides are able to surprise even the most prepared! For this reason, the manual that we offer you (written by an unknown colonist) is divided into two parts, one to guide you in the first steps, the other to better survive once you become familiar with the game world.

The Outer Worlds, the 20 tips: perfect guide to survive on Alcione!

The Outer Worlds - 10 Tips for Newcomers: The First Steps

In the new world everyone, to build a perfect society, has arrived with a very specific assigned role ... however your face is new, and it is really strange that I have to explain everything to you from the beginning. Your condition of cosmic nothingness, however, may prove to be an advantage, and you can make sure you grow and "evolve" in The Outer Worlds in any way you see fit. But how to do it?

1. To know each other = to know: in the dangerous world of The Outer Worlds the first thing to learn is what you are capable of. It will therefore be important to lose that extra ten minutes during the creation of the character, to shape it as we like, especially from a practical (not aesthetic) point of view. My advice is therefore to get the attributes in a balanced way, and without dropping any as "below average" (be it of body, head, or personality).

2. A calculated growth: once you set your feet on Terrarium 2 you will begin to understand what kind of dangers you will run, and gradually you will understand what will be useful to you and what you can leave for later. The main advice is therefore understand according to your attitude how you can solve problems better, base the assignment of skill points on this at each level earned. For example, if you prefer to be diplomatic, a good dose of skill points in charismatic skills (lying, intimidation, persuasion) will be for you and will save you a lot of trouble, while skills with melee or ranged weapons, but also defense skills and block, will be essential if you can't help but pick a fight. Attention! Your knowledge and skills will also be topics covered, so choose wisely.

3. Bottomless pockets: in these not so hospitable lands it is always right to prepare for the worst, and everything you will find will be useful in one way or another. As for sprats, nothing is thrown away! Excess weapons and armor can be dismantled to obtain indispensable mechanical parts, apparently useful junk can be sold at a high price, and clearly many items such as food or consumer products will be very useful for refreshment (and even these, if in excess, sold at occurrence). If you are afraid of being too heavy, no problem! Your mates will be happy to share the load with you!

4. Mr Wolf: I don't know who Mr. Wolf was in antiquity, but it is said that he was able to solve any problem. You, dear colonist, should do the same! Talking to anyone you come across is essential in Alcione! Take charge of other people's problems and solve them your way! Carry out a large number of side missions it will guarantee you narrative fulfillment, but also a disproportionate amount of experience and a dose of very useful information to better enjoy your adventure.

5. Health first of all: life is tough even for the most organized of societies, which is why settlers must always be ready for anything, whether it is being reduced to death by a Raptidon or afflicted with any epidemic. The best way to survive is therefore to make the best use of the healing items you have accumulated, but how? Clearly with yours inhaler! Always keep an eye on the life bar at the top left, and dose your supplies appropriately! Remember you can create amazing mixes simply from the appropriate section of your equipment, in order to also obtain “galvanizing” effects.

The Outer Worlds, the 20 tips: perfect guide to survive on Alcione!


6. Assault Squadron: "Double the gun, double the fun". I don't know if that was what it was meant in ancient times, but about Alcione being in company will always be very useful. Bringing one or two companions with you will in fact be a continuous discovery, but also an overwhelming support in the most dangerous phases. An extra gun could save your skin on many occasions, or keep enemies busy while dealing with others. Plus your mates are also endowed with a special ability, able to leave you speechless too! It will also be important to choose who to take with you based on their qualities, so that they are complementary and go and fill your gaps (for example if you are a muscular type accompanied by someone who can speak better than you, or vice versa).

7. Thrifty: it is no secret that since the arrival in these new lands in The Outer Worlds the environmental and production difficulties have increased, and it is therefore important to use what you have with due regard. In some cases it will be very useful to save munitions, or spend less bit (your coin!) possible to win something from a merchant. A very important case is that of Grimagnetic, of the objects suitable for burglary which will never be too many and will dry up in no time! Accumulate as much as possible and use them with due care! Leveraging your skills will also help you save and earn more, so be careful how you distribute your points as well.

8. Slow down time: if you too are one of the settlers saved by Hope (yes, me too!) for sure you are living in symbiosis with your side effects. With a little practice you will be able to use it to your advantage! I am referring to the very particular (and absolutely normal) feeling of dilating time and thinking with complete peace of mind in extreme situations! Study the situation, beware of enemies, analyze theirs weaknesses and hit them to maim them, blind them or more! It won't be immediate, but as soon as you are comfortable doing it ... you will be unstoppable!

9. Novice blacksmith: takes full advantage of the bank gives lavoro! It will very often happen that by dint of taking hits, your armor parts weaken and lose effectiveness, or that your weapons lose power. Repair everything then, and never fail to approach a workbench when you see one! Not just because each discovery will give you a small amount of experience, but because you can repair anything you want by taking advantage of the weapon and armor parts you have accumulated by dismantling those in excess! That's right, we linked to the third tip. By repairing your items, they will regain their effectiveness! Keep an eye on them!

10. Tactical Rescue: progressing is the basis of your settler adventure, but just know it takes very little for this to end! So remember to save your progress often, which is also extremely easy, since in The Outer Worlds you can do it at any time and place! The automatic saving, but picking the exact moment with us is best, right?

The Outer Worlds, the 20 tips: perfect guide to survive on Alcione!

10 Tips for the most seasoned settlers: refine your technique

1. Loved by all: you will soon learn that it will be imperative to make important decisions, take sides, or do favors for powerful people. Only time will tell how famous you will become and in what way, but don't leave it all to a simple roll of the dice. Helping often means being helped, and therefore being able to curry favor with the various women as much as possible factions present (main and / or secondary) can bring really convenient benefits (such as discounts from merchants). However, don't let this change yours moral! Always and in any case act in the name of your personal rules!

2. Pampering the crew: it is impossible, during one's journey, not to take into consideration the personal problems of our fellow adventurers. Each of them has in fact a background really interesting and well built, but above all a personal mission to accomplish. Helping them will earn you esteem, items, experience, and have a great adventure. Which captain of the Unreliable, who are you to hold back? Thing? Did I say captain? er, I meant, unknown settler!

3. Assault Squadron 2.0: your crew doesn't just know how to shoot, and that's something you should be absolutely grateful for! Knowing them better you will also realize what their abilities are and attitudes, and they may come to your aid in complicated situations. For example, traveling with a certain companion will ensure you of bonuses in some physical or colloquial tests (skills in skills such as medicine, intimidation, stealth, persuasion and so on). Predicting which of your underlings will be most useful within a given mission will always prove to be a trump card!

4. Advantages: both you and your companions will have specific advantages that can be activated as the levels advance. These will come to your rescue increasing stats, giving away gods specific good, improving yours physical abilities It's a lot even more. Choose well which ones to activate! They could prove to be fundamental to fill your personal gaps and make you adapt to any situation! Don't underestimate them.

5. A journey, a thousand adventures: I know, the uploads get tired, and the continuous trips left and right even more. How to overcome this annoyance? Simply optimizing your time! If you have been a good settler and followed the advice “Mr. Wolf ”speaking to whoever happened to be within range, you will have noticed that many missions (especially those that take place on a single planet and do not require travel by ship) are held in places close to each other, and where one is right on the road to get to another. I therefore advise you to accumulate as many missions as possible, and to leave for a specific destination only after having accepted several missions, creating a splendid panoramic itinerary to be experienced in one breath between pulping and sulfur!

The Outer Worlds, the 20 tips: perfect guide to survive on Alcione!

6. Excellent gunsmith: have you already become familiar with the workbench right? Then you have already noticed that in addition to repairing weapons and armor, these can also be manipulated e enhanced with modifications! The bonuses that such armaments can get are really useful, but with limited slots and with the impossibility of being removed once applied. Powerups won't be a rare thing, but the really powerful ones will be for the few. Choose carefully which ones to apply, and especially on which piece of armor! If you want to become invincible, this is the right way.

7. Ghost: I don't know if you will be the nicest person in Alcione, but I'm certainly not. I can assure you that if you try to steal something around, if you are not seen by anyone ... the consequences will be nil! Take what you want, as long as you don't risk getting into trouble. For the law! In the various explorable places (external or internal that they are) there is really too much untapped material that could be for you, and that otherwise nobody will ever use. Without scruples, even your morality will make a reason.

8. Phobias: being afraid is everyone's prerogative, being afraid is human! However, you are such an evolved human that you choose what to fear yourself! As I have already been able to tell you before, i "Benefits" they are essential to becoming a settler ready for anything. But would you be willing to come to terms with your fears to earn some more? After some particularly heated clashes in fact, you can choose whether or not to accept your fear in exchange for an advantage. If you do this, however, in the vicinity of certain enemies or creatures you will suffer considerable penalties. Take advantage of this wisely! Evaluate well if the game is worth the candle! Too many phobias could make you constantly at fault!

9. Dodge or Run: face-to-face confrontation is not always the best solution! If in your trips and outings you find yourself outnumbered, always consider the possibility of a strategic retreat without pushing yourself to the extreme! A missed rescue, low ammo, low-powered weapons or blows received left and right are just some of the problems you might run into for engaging in a fight too quickly. Another way around the problem is circumvent the threat, if there is room to do so, and come back later.

10. Arms collector: Alcione is a place devoted to the future! The future of the future! And for this reason, even if we are at our disposal of really lethal weapons, we are always looking for something even more useful and powerful to make our way! Go in search of unique weapons, such as scientific weapons! Among the most useful and powerful ever created! Very often you will have to face uncomfortable situations or complete tasks to win them, but I assure you it will be worth it!

Dear settler, I have nothing more to teach you about The Outer Worlds, at least in this tome! I hope you will treasure my experience and that you will continue to do your best to survive and to make this new society shine!

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