The Suicide of Rachel Foster review: when you play video games in the hotel with anxiety

Video games that cause anxiety. A perfect label for The Suicide of Rachel Foster.

This is a letter, a letter from a frightened man who i video games that cause anxiety avoids them. As much as possible. I am locked in my room. I lowered the shutters. You should do the same, I recommend it. I ... I should do the review of The Suicide of Rachel Foster ... But ... Anxiety is contagious. It only takes a moment, it is like a butterfly beat: it can cause an avalanche who knows where in your heart and who knows when you will no longer have the stairs under your feet and you will give up. You will not finish the search. All work and no play make me a dull boy. All work and no play make me a dull boy. I am going crazy. Better start there review di The Suicide of Rachel Foster.

Take me away from this hotel
Note n ° 1: For the uninitiated, The Shining is a 1980 film directed by director Stanley Kubrick. It is inspired by the eponymous work by Stephen King.

Video games compared to movies Shining. It all seems so absurd to me after playing this game. This is the video game that, in my experience as a gamer, most resumes the strength and power of Stanley Kubrick's film. I have the book next to it. No, the book has a completely different strength. Those long red corridors. Doors symmetrically lined up, creaks, waits. The Suicide of Rachel Foster is The Shining in the film version. Here they are, I still hear them in my ears. Those sounds. Let me turn the volume down. I don't want to hear them, I prefer silence.

I'm still scared and I haven't finished the game yet, yet this is not its strength. I immediately wanted to talk to you about video games and anxiety, about this hotel like Shining that we will find ourselves wandering around in search of clues that reveal the truth behind Rachel Foster's suicide. But fear is not the focus. It is I who am a coward, I am the one who decided to finish the game with the sound turned down. Because it is perfect. That abandoned hotel is so realistic that I was convinced that I myself was there. Or here. I still don't know if I got out. The sounds, the shapes, the details. I still remember the mold on the walls. It can't just be a video game. It's too real. I'm afraid, I need someone.

Take me away from this hotel.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster has a perfect setting in every facet. I'm scared.

Ready? There is someone on call
Note n ° 2: Obviously the human relationship is important in this title. In short, video games are good for people, and they can teach something.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster is not about making you alone. It's a thriller, not a horror. Or at least, for those who have the courage to face fears. Nicole is in telephone contact with a person throughout the game, and the whole title is based on this mechanic. About their relationship.

They explore, change, help each other. He is safe, she apparently is not. But he is with her, always. When you are alone in a hotel full of your childhood memories, a place that you have abandoned because your father has decided to do something he shouldn't have done; Well, hear a friendly voice, although unknown, It is ideal.

Just thinking about it I'm better. I'm alone though, not like Nicole. I still have the audio turned down, but the anxiety remains. Anything can be hidden around the corner and I hear, even without ears, the walls breathe. Is anybody here. I haven't gotten out of the game yet. I need to call someone, just like Nicole did. Do it too. Otherwise you will go crazy. I already am. But there is a mystery to be solved in the hotel. Nicole is the key, I am the key. I need to know, but I can't do it alone. I'm calling someone.

Ready? Is anyone on call?

When you play video games with someone on the phone, the anxiety disappears. Almost.

Sometimes freedom is as cold as death
Note n ° 3: Fear is all a matter of mind, especially when it comes to video games. A bit like it happens with nightmares.

I did it! I solved the mystery! Oh, what a perfect ending to a story full of twists! No, I will not reveal it to you. No, you have to help Nicole. I, I have finished and I don't think I can be happier. I played a wonderful game and finally found out the truth. The doors of this hotel open wide by themselves, it almost seems to me to fly like a pink butterfly towards the truth. From dark to light. Or viceversa?

It doesn't matter, I'm free. No more creaks, no more storms, no more mysteries. And again, no more video games that shoot The Shining or who knows what other movie, no more video games that cause anxiety ... But do I really want it? I ... I feel like I have to go back there in a way ... Because I haven't seen everything, I was too scared and I missed something. And then… It cannot have a single ending.

It doesn't matter now. I have to close this letter, this review of The Suicide of Rachel Foster. I have to close it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and send it to you, the anonymous reader you are reading. Who knows if it will get to you. Who knows what you will think. Now I will get out of this room that for a while it was my life. It's still winter outside.

Sometimes freedom is as cold as death.

Verdict 9/10 The eagerness to unravel an exceptional mystery Comment The Suicide of Rachel Foster is a Walking Simulator, so don't expect who knows what amazing gameplay finds. What really makes the difference in these titles is the atmosphere that is created, composed, of course, of: sound design, curated setting, beautiful dialogues and intriguing story. All components that this title offers the best. The purchase is highly recommended, as is the reading of this piece, if you have not already done so. Pros and cons Setting with attention to the smallest details
Great sound design
Intriguing story full of twists x Some bugs in the menus and when closing the game

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