Resident Evil Resistance <br> a terrifying escape game

The Raccoon City experiment of Resident Evil 3 was not the only one, a terrifying escape game was taking place under the code name Resident Evil Resistance. Although the two games are separate, but bundled, the DNA of the saga has passed through this new creation Capcom. Let's start with order, telling you that, even in this case, we will use our format of rece-guide, remaining faithful to the Resident Evil 3 review / guide. Resident Evil Resistance, despite following some not very complex dynamics, deserves a proper study.

If you have seen it at least once in your life the film "Saw The Riddler" is attended a Escape Game, in Resident Evil Resistance you will find yourself at ease. The game dynamics are rather anxiolytic and you won't have much time to reflect. Your goal, as a survivor, is to get out of the rooms alive as quickly as possible. At the head of this diabolical experiment we find the Mastermind, which will make your life hell. By placing traps, weapons, zombies and mutants of all kinds and types, he will hinder your mission in every possible way.

Cute right ?! But this is just the beginning, the real nightmare is about to begin.

An escape experiment (video) game

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Shortness of breath, a lot of confusion and a perennial state of anxiety. These are the sensations that are felt during the first hours of Resident Evil Resistance gameplay. The tutorial, with its extremely relaxed tones, lets us discover the basic dynamics of the game, without prepare ourselves psychologically for the real one. After choosing which side of the fence to stand, Survivors or Masterminds, we are catapulted into a world of utter madness.

We played the first game on the good side, choosing the character of Valerie Harmon. The young student, like all her surviving colleagues, has individual and team skills which qualify you as a support member. In particular, Valerie manages to scan the room and identify threats and objects (Survival instinct) and to release a spray cloud capable of healing and empowering companions. Not being strong enough and having a rather low health, we are forced to keep our young student away from the action, avoiding the risk of being "paved" in a short time. In any case, if we end up on the ground lifeless, one of our team mates, taking care of us, can make us return to the team.

the Mastermind, has its own "bastard" because

Resident Evil Resistance's first field trip lasted less than 2 min. A level 5 mastermind, such Daniel Fabron, he enjoyed making us "meat for slaughter". By deploying an army of zombies and mutants, we didn't even have time to think about what to do. Curious to understand what it was like to be the "Saw" on duty, the second game we made it on the side of the bad guys. Even if it is a very subjective judgment, playing as the Mastermind, has its own "bastard" because. Everything starts from the world of chess, where instead of pawns we have skill cards. In place of the bishop we have a tyrant to deploy and in place of the King, the our ultimate weapon. The map makes us understand the position of the Survivors and, using the cameras, we can study and anticipate their moves.

The more games we play, the more our level will rise, allowing us to improve our potential, both as a Mastermind and as a Survivor.

Survivors or masterminds, who to choose?

you need brains and brains to get out of the nightmare

This is a legitimate doubt, which occurs in the aftermath of the first moments of Resident Evil Resistance gameplay. The choice, whether to play on the side of the good or the bad, is not just a question of "ethics". The gameplay connected to the two roles changes significantly. We would almost say that they are two completely different games.

Survivors play in groups and can also coordinate in a party. The meta is very close to that of Resident Evil 3, inheriting its strengths and weaknesses. You have to fight with brains and brains to get out of the room before your time runs out. Weapons, fists and skills must be used according to a group logic that you privilege the strengths, concealing the weak ones. Playing as survivors, Unity is strength.

The mastermind, on the other hand, he is alone and prefers to control the situation. He loves to have everything under his command and, as a skilled chess player, plan your moves with absolute precision. Must have good divination skills, trying to predict the moves of the unfortunate Survivors. The experiment is his, so he must know every single corner of the laboratory perfectly. To get to an acceptable level you have to practice a lot and experimenting with new strategies of terror in the field.

are you sure that will it be the right choice?

As you can see, we have not given you an answer, probably fueling even more doubts than you had before. Normal, after all Resident Evil Resistance puts a strain on our decision-making skills. Your character base and your gameplay preferences will be decisive in the choice. There is no more fun or less difficult mode between the two.

Both in the ranks of the Survivors and in the role of the Mastermind you will be able to try joy and pain alike.

The meaning of asymmetrical gameplay

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We are used to two types of competitive gameplay: co-op PVE and pure PVP. The first involves a cooperative component that sees numerous players playing on the same team with the aim of defeating as many NPCs as possible. The Division 2, for example, if we remove only the black area (dedicated to PVP), the gameplay sees agents of the division fighting rebels directed by AI. Pure PVP can also include a cooperative component but not necessarily. Here we "play massacre", in the shadow of the Latin phrase "Mors your vita mea".

Those who love everything against all like the famous Battle Royale, who a mixed co-op PVP formula, but all follow a symmetrical logic. All, in the same way, compete to achieve the goal, common to all players in the game. The composition of the opposing teams foresees identical schemes in number and, where possible, also in level.

Vs. 4 1? You think it is unbalanced but it is not at all

Resident Evil Resistance rewrites the rules of the game, introducing a asymmetrical gameplay with the 4 vs 1 scheme. In addition to the composition of the game session, Capcom manages to merge multiple dynamics into one. The Survivors play following those co-ops, coordinating through headphones and microphone. The NPCs deployed on the field can also be commanded directly by the Mastermind, alternating PVE with pure PVP. The Mastermind, in turn, can decide whether behave like a diabolical director or take the field. Be careful, however, you will leave the direction of the experiment "uncovered".

Such gameplay leaves infinite freedom in your hands. Depending on the side of the fence, you can decide how and what to do to achieve the goal. The Mastermind creates obstacles, it is up to the Survivors to find a way around them.

Boosterpack, the supreme evil

how to ruin an original experiment

Unfortunately we were deluded into the existence of a gameplay designed on skill of players who do not need "help". By "help" we mean loot box and microtransactions, the absolute evil of the competitive gaming world. Unfortunately, and we regret it very much, we found them under the name of Boosterpack. These are microtransactions that allow you to obtain an extra incentive in level progression.

Basically, at the end of each game session, both as a Survivor and as a Mastermind, your performance will be evaluated with a score. The latter will be added to those already obtained to level up. The higher your level, the stronger and more effective your characters and their skills will be.

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Evil alters this sort of grinding, earning scores and therefore levels in the fastest (and in our opinion incorrect) way. If this system had been developed in a non-competitive environment, we would not make any criticism of it. This, unfortunately, did not happen and we appeal to our design creed: we hate in-app purchases, microtransactions and all sorts of loot boxes. We do not "disgust" them all, mind you.

Those that allow you to purchase the cute dress or weapon skin in no way affect the balance of competitive gameplay. The boosterpack does not fall into this category, as it provides an advantage on character growth: how much you pay so much you grow. The final grade, as it already happened with Hunt: Showdown, will be lowered by one point, precisely to highlight our aversion to this kind of practice.

Verdict 7.5 / 10 why did you insert them? Comment To ruin an original experiment is not easy, yet they have succeeded. We do not understand the practical sense, if not only the exclusively economic one. Resident Evil Resistance gameplay lived great even without it. A brand new 4 vs 1, good vs bad. A challenge of muscles and intelligence immersed in a hellish chessboard. The Mastermind will anticipate your moves, creating obstacles of the worst kind. The Survivors must resist and get out of the nightmare. Suicide is called Boosterpack. Pros and cons Original gameplay
Same feeling as an escape game
Balanced characters x Presence of microtransactions
x Unbalanced matchmaking

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