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At this time of year, like every year, Apple introduces and markets the new generation of 12 iPhone. Here the 4 new models arrive on the market, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini all compatible with 5G.

Marketing, in this 2020 marred by obvious causes of force majeure, was more troubled than expected. But the iPhone 12 are there and also spigen there is, with the update of the new catalog relating to his custody.

For those who still do not know Spigen, it is the historian casemaker which for 12 years has accompanied the releases of the most important smartphones with the timely availability of accessories. The company's mission is not to sacrifice the original design of the product and to protect your device from the unexpected of everyday life.

The concern of those who buy a transparent case is that, over time, it may turn yellow by limiting its original transparency. Spigen decided to create Ultra Hybrid, which will remain perfectly clear and transparent in its back even after years. Not only design, the case also effectively protects the side surfaces from bumps and falls, emphasizing colors Pacific Blue e Navy.

The new Tough Armor is Spigen's solution for those who don't just want a case. With its high degree of protection it is excellent for cushioning the potential falls of the device, even the most ruinous. The product does not renounce to guarantee a firm grip, despite having an important thickness.

Included in its depth is a double layer of protection which can effectively save the smartphone from major shocks, regardless of the hardness and type of surface it comes into contact with.

And then there is also a stand that holds the smartphone in a comfortable position to, for example, consult multimedia content if we have our hands full. And again, it can be useful for carrying out distance learning and / or smart working.

Thin Fit it is one of the simplest cases of the company, it respects the shapes of the design and at the same time it is ultra protective. Over the years it has become increasingly effective in its protective function and today, it has fulfilled 10 years, Spigen celebrates it with a new version that raises the degree of protection even more while remaining slim in its measures.

The case protects the smartphone on all sides, is easy to assemble / disassemble and has a buffer layer inside that protects the smartphone from falls.

In short, Spigen is there and accompanies the life of our smartphones with an even more effective line of protective and functional cases, while not distorting the design that Apple, in this case, has created for its iPhones 12. Even the connection slits , wireless charging, the perimeter details of the sensors, can be used in comfort as if the case was not even applied. The side buttons are also protected and pressing them is highly simple and effective.

If you have decided to buy the latest iPhone 12, no matter the model, keep your Apple smartphone well protected with spigen!

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