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Here is a new guide on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds aimed at improving the game of already experienced players through useful tactics

Let's go back to talking about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in this new one guide regarding strategies and tricks for players who want to perfect their game effectiveness. These strategies are the result of what I and my teammates have observed during different games and seeing the different results obtained by applying certain tactics rather than others. Obviously these strategies are based on a fairly consolidated knowledge of the game. So if you are a beginner, I recommend that you first of all read our previous guide to take your first steps on PUBG.

As my usual, before starting I want to premise that this guide will mainly show the strategies I have tried and which I believe are most effective but they are by no means the only ones that you can apply. 

PlayerUnknownā€™s Battlegrounds: startegie di squadra 

PUBG, as mentioned several times, is a battle royal where to win you have to survive until the end. Although the solo mode in my opinion is the one that gives the most emotions, you will have the opportunity to prove that you are the stronger even together with a team of up to 4 players. In team modes, team collaboration and harmony are of utmost importance. To facilitate this aspect, each team must therefore take into consideration the following precautions and strategies.

First of all, at the moment of release, choose one area with at least two buildings per team member so as to have enough loot for everyone. When searching for equipment, if you are the only one in that area, it is best to scour one building each to speed up the equipment search process. If, on the other hand, you have other guests, try to stay together but never stand in line or crowded in the same spot.

If you do the firefight, normally lets a single squad member attack the enemy. Meanwhile, a companion offers covering fire and, eventually, the others flank the target. In duo mode it is preferable to offer covering fire rather than flanking the enemy to avoid situations of outnumbering. You must also be careful not to end up in the line of fire of your partner and to do so you usually try to arrange the whole team within a 90 Ā° angle which has the enemy to be eliminated as its vertex.

Another important aspect in the fire team is whether or not to finish a landed opponent. In these cases to prevent the enemy from reaching his comrades, if you are not injured or at a numerical disadvantage, it is always preferable to complete the kill. In this way you will have one less enemy to think about, obviously following an enemy on the ground, who could head towards his companions, you will be able more easily to identify the other enemies.

Out of the fighting, to move around the team is usually placed in two groups separated to avoid being attacked at the same time. The distance to be kept will be proportional to the number of team members and it will be necessary to move in parallel without ever abandoning the formation.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: tactics to approach the final safes

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, when you get to the latest safes, the way you enter the latter can make the difference between victory and defeat. To be successful, you will need to keep in mind a few but fundamental strategies every time you enter a new area.

  • If you are certain you are the first to arrive in safe, immediately look for a safe shelter such as a house or an elevated position. This, in addition to providing you with coverage, it will decrease the points that you will have to check and will allow you to study the territory. If you spot an enemy you will have to try to eliminate it to maintain dominance over the position and reduce the number of players.
  • If you are among the last to arrive, perhaps chased by lethal gas, avoid the structures. Instead, seek shelter in the shade of the trees or lie down behind a mound. In this case you may have already been identified then try to blend in with the ground and make it difficult for opponents to aim. As soon as you can aim to reach the new safe trying to avoid the clash as you will be easy prey for the enemies.

If you have been good and a little lucky, once you are in the top three, in team or single, you will have to be smart to get the victory. If you don't know where the enemies are, you can create havoc by throwing some smoke bomb or grenade at the edge of the safe away from you to push the two enemies left to fight. If, on the other hand, you have the possibility of killing an enemy, think about whether you really are in a position to be able to face a double battle as the third player will most likely be able to get your position during the fire and kill you.

PlayerUnknown's BatlleGrounds: enemy approach tactics

As you have surely noticed, even with this guide, one of the most difficult moments in the game are the firefights. Whether alone or with a team, a wrong approach to the enemy could lead to your annihilation. How then should the enemy be attacked?

  • First consider the distances. If the enemy approaches your position and is only a few meters away, try to use automatic or burst weapons and shoot in the torso taking advantage of every shot of the magazine.
  • If the enemy is very distant and you are forced to fight it is preferable to take advantage of the single shot of the weapon, to minimize the recoil of the weapon, aiming at the enemy's neck. Using the enemy's neck as a target is to minimize misses while trying to get headshots. But be careful, the remote engagement must be carried out only if the situation requires it and generally, up to the intermediate stages of the game, it is not recommended as it could be counterproductive. 

PlayerUnknownā€™s Battlegrounds: consigli utili

At this point, here are some tips that could put you in a position to make the most of the strategies proposed above or that are in any case useful in the game.

Let's talk first about the buildings and its doors. Don't worry, I am not referring to architecture but to the habit of closing doors as soon as you enter a structure. In fact, many players after entering close the door behind them in order to be warned if someone else enters after them. It is good practice then, when approaching a house, to do two things: check interior doors through windows and never be in front of a closed door. These two actions are necessary because many close the external doors but do not care about the internal ones and if there are enemies inside they usually keep the door under fire and every time it opens it becomes a good time to shoot. Even while climbing the stairs of a building it is worth paying attention to avoid falling into an ambush.

Another very underrated aspect are the mods. As much as it takes a good dose of luck, a clever loot could guarantee you top-of-the-line weapons. In fact, while you are looking for the equipment, pay particular attention to any silencers and sights for automatic rifles and submachine guns. Even if at that precise moment you will not be able to equip it and it will only take up space, consider that they are essential components to be stealth and have greater accuracy. Very the flame cover is also useful that, if you are stationed in the shade of the trees, it will darken the flame of the most visible shots.

So, with this concludes this guide on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, specific to improve your game. Keep following the pages of Holygamerz: we will always be here for new guides and lots of news.

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