Kung Fury review: Street Rage (PS4)

In 2013, on Kickstarter, a trailer for an action short appeared that sounded like all the action productions of the eighties. Having raised the target amount of two hundred thousand dollars in less than twenty-four hours, Kung Fury it became reality on May 28th, when it landed both at the Cannes Film Festival and on Youtube. At the same time, a licensed arcade was released on mobile for free and on Steam for € 2 that immersed the player in the streets of Miami. By Hello There, Kung Fury: Street Rage it also arrives on PlayStation 4 at a price of € 4,99. Will the David Hasselhoff soundtrack and the beating of the Nazi army suffice to justify this price?

I'm disarming you.

Unfortunately, Street Rage does not follow the epic plot full of nonsense of Kung Fury, but merely puts the player in front of an arcade beat'em up whose aim is to kill as many Nazis as possible by taking a maximum of three hits. In Hitler's army we find simple soldiers that will be enough to hit once, generals who will be beaten twice, white Nazis who once damaged will teleport behind Kung Fury, Robo-Arcade with great resistance (the first boss of the film) and finally the ninja, also loyal to the Führer, with a high speed.

Controls not always responsive

As already written, the aim of the game is to kill as many soldiers as possible, chaining the shots and not getting hit, thus increasing the maximum score and trying to compete with the characters of the film.
To make your “Krauts” massacre, just press the left and right arrows depending on the direction of the enemy's attack. A basic gameplay completely transported by the touch controls of the mobile version and which at first glance may seem like an excellent excuse for hit and run games when you have little time to devote to your console. Unfortunately, after chaining the first combos on simple enemies, with the arrival of the White Nazis the commands will start to trudge, increasingly delaying the player's reaction and leading him to suffer the three damage necessary for Game Over. This drop in accuracy leads to a significant increase in frustration due not to the player's skill but to a command conversion defect.

True Survivor

On the technical side, Kung Fury: Street Rage is presented as a tribute to the 8-bit scrolling fighting game of the eighties cabinets, the reference to the series of Streets of Rage it is therefore not only present in the title but also in the appearance. Kung Fury shows the same moves in the film, from the hadouken to the severed arm, passing through the unpredictable gunshots and the inevitable beheadings. Unfortunately, everything is practically identical to the mobile versions, without any use of the PlayStation 4 specifications. An applause must be given to the audio sector it offers True Survivor in 8-bit played by David Hasselhoff, pleasant background to the Nazi massacre. In addition, there are phrases originally pronounced in the film by Kung Fury that repeatedly recall the pleasant memories of those who enjoyed the film last May.

Tank You!

And now we come to the age-old problem of price: if Kung Fury: Street Rage had it been free, as on mobile (with the transition to the premium version without paid advertising), or had it adjusted to the cost of Steam (1.99 €) it would certainly have been a recommended title for those who appreciated David Sandberg's work. At almost five euros, without extra content, for a game that was born on smartphones, unfortunately we are faced with a waste, a title that could entertain you but that you will hardly pay, especially in the face of the free offer on iOS and Android.


Verdict No Beating Nazis Is Too Much Comment Ultimately, if you loved Sandberg's work, you should download Street Rage to your mobile device, and enjoy it for as long as you see fit. The PlayStation 4 version is not recommended for purchase, especially since Kung Fury is much more pleasant on a smaller screen than the living room TV. Pros and cons True Survivor 8 Bit
Successful Kung Fury animations x Delay in checks
x Excessive price

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