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    How to sign Word document

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    We will explain how to sign word document in a simple way. Indeed, we will propose two methods. The first is a bit rudimentary and involves digitizing or having an image on your computer with your signature that you can add to the document. And the second is the most secure and "official", even if it requires a digital ID.

    We will start with the first method anyway, although you should know that it will not be accepted by official sites or that it has legal validity, as it is easily manipulated. And then we will explain the second method to you to sign a Word document.

    How to sign a Word document

    Add a Word digital signature

    The most rudimentary way to insert a signature in Word is to add a scanned or digital signature. To do this, first sign on a piece of paper and then use the scanner to scan it into an image format. You can also use Office Lens to scan the signature as if it were a document, or if you have a touch device, just write a signature that stays with the white background.

    Now open the scanned image of the signature in Word. To do this, in the top menu click on the Insert section and inside go to Illustrations by click the Image option. The file explorer will open, where you will need to choose the scanned signature image.

    If your signature was scanned with a background color which is not the same white or transparent as Word, click the Remove Background option you will see in the Format section that appears when you click and select the image.

    By default, the Background Removal Tool automatically selects what to remove in pink. However, some letters may be crossed out halfway, so we recommend that you use the Mark Areas button to keep and review the signature text. You can also mark the ones you want to remove for those blanks.

    Once the background is deleted, crop the image to fit your signature and save it. To do this, right-click on the image after cropping it with the Crop option and click Save as Image. Remember that if you have a device that accepts a stylus, you can also sign an image and save the process for this method.

    Time go to the Word text you want to sign and insert the image with the signature. To do this, click Insert again and choose the Image option as we taught you at the beginning, and after inserting the image, move it and use its margins to position it where you want with the precise size. Also remember that this is an unofficial digital signature on Word.

    Sign Word document with a legal electronic signature - digital ID

    The second is the most "official" to give real validity to the signatures in Word, but it is also the one that requires you to spend money to have a digital ID. The first thing you need to do is open the document you want to access in Word and, in the Insert section, choose the Signature text and line option.

    A Signature Settings window will open in it you can decide which text you want to appear under the signature line, such as the name of the person who will sign it, their location or their email address. You can also add instructions for the signer. When done, click OK.

    When you accept, a signature line will be created below the document. If what you want is to create a document to print it with the signature line, this will work for you. You can also save the document as a PDF and then sign the PDF. However, to register it in Word, double-click the or box right click to choose the Signature option.

    If you choose the option to digitally sign Word document, the application will warn you that you must have an ID. digital created through partners. That dialog box will take you to a webpage where Microsoft tells you where and how to create a digital ID. These digital IDs are a paid service and, depending on what you choose, it can cost you anywhere from € 22 per month to over € 300 per year.

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